Kris Wu once revealed his preference for baby girls; predicted his own tragic end?

Chinese netizens combed through old interviews given to the media by Kris Wu and discovered shocking details.

Kris Wu‘s scandal has recently stirred up social networks with more shocking details. Following the arrest of the male singer by Beijing authorities, netizens started to unearth previous Kris Wu’s interviews. The old sharings of the male singer are now gaining a lot of attention because they disclose his hidden corners as well as a frightening prophecy.

Only like baby girls

In an interview many years ago, when the MC asked what was the most gentle aspect of the male singer’s personality, Kris Wu confided: “I like daughters very much. I want to have a daughter in the future. If in the future I got a son, then he’s not my son. I won’t be able to hold back with baby girls”, then made gestures of playing and hugging.

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Many comments were annoyed: “He even thinks about baby girls”, “It’s too dangerous”, “Put him in jail”, “Run now, it’s so scary”,…

An interview “predicts” the future?

Meanwhile, in another interview, there was a question: “What kind of person do you want to be in the future?”. Kris Wu thought for a while and replied: “In the future, I want to live in seclusion and be alone. Actually, I am a person who likes to enjoy the feeling of loneliness”.

This sharing made people shudder because this interview has the ability to give a prediction about the future of Kris Wu. If he was convicted and sentenced to prison, Kris Wu will have a full set of “combo” living in seclusion, alone, gnawing on loneliness.

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The “moral-talker” and the bite-back by the media after 4 years?

Notably, in 2017, when conducting an interview with the CCTV program, Kris Wu once said: “Moral is the quality of a human. It includes professional ethics, while art is a personal talent. You must practice diligently when you working. In life, you must be very careful and paying attention to your words and actions.”.

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Such a great statement but the man who said it could not do anything. After the scandal broke out, the male singer was harshly criticized by a newspaper of China:

“Kris Wu is one of the idol products that are batch produced in the entertainment industry. Regardless of whether he has to go to prison or not, as a failed idol product, he has no artistic values ​​and moral qualities. He is not suitable for public appearances.

As it turns out, a person doesn’t need talent for singing, acting skills or hard work, no rules, and ethics, can still achieve fame and fortune that no one else can imaginable”.

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