Kris Wu might face prison time or even the death penalty as a result of his recent serious scandal

Kris Wu insisted that if he really committed the rape he would go to jail himself.

Recently, Wu Yifan (Kris Wu) has been involved in a serious private life scandal after being publicly denounced by his ex-girlfriend, Du Meidzu on social networks. In addition to cheating on several girls at once, he was also accused of having sex with and raping minors. 

Especially, after Du Meidzu publicly accused the male idol of having sexual relationship with her, 7 more victims also shared their story. Some articles circulated on Weibo claimd: “Wu Yifan requested meetings under the pretext of a casting interview or fan meetings, and then sexually assaulted [his victims].”

A girls called ‘A’ claimed that WYF had sex with minors after making them drink alcohol, and paid 500,000 yuan (about 88 million won) in return.

In addition, A claimed in an interview with an overseas media that “one of the victims had an abortion, Wu Yifan has a sexually transmitted disease, and does not use contraception during sex.”

Kris Wu then announced legal action and stated his point of view directly. 

Regarding A, Kris Wu said, “I met her only once at a meeting with my friends on December 5th of last year, and at that time, we never shared a drink together nor did I get her phone number.”

In response to other allegations, on the 19th, Kris Wu posted on his Weibo, “I didn’t respond because I didn’t want to interfere with the legal process, I didn’t know that my silence would give the impetus for people to spread rumors,” he wrotte. “I can’t stand it any longer.”

Many people believe that if all the allegations are true, Kris Wu will face prison for his sinful acts. Meanwhile, The death penalty has been imposed as a maximum penalty for sexual assault of a minor by China’s Supreme People’s Court, attracting even more attention to the Kris Wu’s case.

Source: Pannchoa

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