Kpop’s most famous “Spoiler Fairies”: Somi leaked BLACKPINK’s song, a boy group showed fans their new MV before its release

Here are the kings and queens of spoilers among Kpop idols. 

Waiting for your favorite artists to make a comeback is probably the most “tiring” part of being a Kpop fan. It’s easier if you stan idols who have frequent comebacks, but in the case of groups that have gone on a long “hibernation” like BLACKPINK, fans have to practice their patience really hard. So to make it less difficult for fans to wait, idols would give away comeback spoilers. 

Spoilers can be a snippet of an unreleased song or a choreography, basically anything that has not officially come out yet. There are many idols who have driven fans wild by taking spoilers to a whole new level. Whether it was by mistake or on purpose, these “Spoiler Fairies” are unstoppable. 

Somi and the 15-second snippet: YG’s “nightmare” but the joy of BLACKPINK fans

On March 2, Somi stirred up social media, especially BLACKPINK’s fans when she accidentally leaked a snippet of an unreleased song with Jennie’s voice being heard clearly. BLACKPINK has gone over 500 days without a comeback, so BLINK is the most desperate fandom for new music right now. And instead of BLACKPINK members, it was Somi who technically gave BLINKs the confirmation that BLACKPINK’s comeback is happening. 

Specifically, Somi was having an Instagram live at The Black Label when she happened to enter the wrong studio. As soon as she opened the door, an unreleased song was blasting loudly. Somi then immediately closed the door, but fans could still hear the line: “No you can’t take me down” which is said to sound like Jennie’s voice.

Somi accidentally gave a spoiler of BLACKPINK’s new song

Somi’s spoiler was spread all over social media but was later taken down and copyrighted by YG. This makes it even more certain that BLACKPINK is in the middle of recording for their comeback and YG has registered the copyright for the group’s new music.

jeon somi
Somi makes BLACKPINK fans happy, but she’s likely getting in trouble with YG for giving spoilers

VICTON turned on the teaser but mistakenly opened the new MV for fans to watch… for 30 seconds

APINK’s junior group introduced the “historical” teaser introduction when they accidentally turned on the unreleased official MV for fans to see. During a livestream with fans in 2017, VICTON wanted to introduce to fans the product that was about to be released at that time – ‘Remember Me‘ and showed their fans the new MV’s teaser.

The group panicked because they showed fans the MV before it was released

Chaos happened when VICTON’s members suddenly panicked because they discovered that they have been showing the official MV instead of the teaser for 30 seconds. When they learned that the group had self-spoiled the ‘Remember Me’ MV, the members panicked and tried to cover the camera. To this day, this spoiler is still called a legend by fans, and thanks to that, VICTON’s new nickname “King of spoil” was created.

VICTON members’ efforts to save everything
The spoiler has become a legendary story of VICTON

Baekhyun (EXO) and the title of “spoiler fairy”

Baekhyun (EXO) is one of the most popular “spoiler fairy” of the K-pop industry. In 2019, the male idol surprised fans and made his management company helpless when he accidentally sang an unreleased song and even revealed its choreography.

Baekhyun spoils EXO’s new song at the EXplOration concert

At the concert in Taiwan within the framework of EXO’s 5th solo concert, EXplOration, Baekhyun idly sang a line of his new song. Not only that, but he also tried to spoil its choreography. Many fans guessed that it was the choreography of Jopping – SuperM’s debut song.

Baekhyun spoils Jopping’s choreography

Baekhyun’s spoilers used to appear in his livestreams with fans, through album covers, random sayings, or he accidentally sang the tunes of his new song. He even played a new album for fans to listen to and unboxed an album before it was released. It can be said that Baekhyun is an idol with a huge passion for spoiling.

Those who are passionate about spoilers please call Baekhyun’s name!

Taehyun (TXT) sings the group’s unreleased song for fans in a livestream

In May 2020, TXT had a live chat with fans. When the members sat down to talk, member Taehyun sang over and over again a verse in the new song that was not released at that time, ‘Can’t You See Me?’.

txt taehyun
Taehyun sang a chorus of Can’t You See Me? when the song hasn’t been released yet

Especially the male idol was not aware that he was giving a spoiler but just sang very innocently. It was only when Beomgyu yelled at him that Taehyun suddenly realized and stopped singing.

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