Kpop with confetti on stages: some showed beautiful reaction, some made people laugh

Confetti is always considered an enemy with Kpop stars on stage.

As a K-Pop fan, you will definitely catch the glittering moments of idols with the confetti on stage. However, many idols consider firecrackers to be an enemy because the visual was diminished mercilessly.

From the amazing moment with confetti…

Chanyeol is literally “paper gun prince” with countless excellent frames
The beauty of Xiumin’s age (EXO) along with paper cannons
Chen (EXO) is also beautiful thanks to confetti
The artwork further enhanced the beauty of Park Jihoon (Wanna One)
Taeyeon and the moment of ecstasy and fireworks
Jihyo (TWICE) made the fans shocked because of this sweet moment
The visual peak of Jimin (BTS) in the same paper cannon
The beauty of goddess of 4 girls BlackPink next to confetti
Key (SHINee) is beautiful under the rain of confetti

… to the moment that broke all the idol image on stage

Speaking of idols fearing fireworks, we can not help but mention “legend” Yerin (GFriend)
Baekhyun (EXO) …
… together with EXO who lost all image because of confetti

Source: Kenh14

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