“KPOP STAR” Park Jimin’s past appearance is nowhere to be seen anymore

Park Jimin showed off her now mature visual. Her past appearance when she was on the show “KPOP STAR” is not there anymore.

Park Ji-min posted a selfie picture on her Instagram on the 28th with a short cute caption which said “O-ing”.

What about the uploaded photo? In the photo was a doll-like visual looking straight into the camera with a finger under her chin.

Her clear features were the most eye-catching. Starting from her big doe eyes, high nose and cherry-like lips, to her v-line face, everything is eye-catching.

Many netizens have given their reaction upon seeing this photo: “She really has become so pretty”, “She is like a fairy now“, “I just can’t stop myself from complimenting her“, “I can’t see her past appearance anymore” and “This is the power of puberty“.

Sources: dispatch

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