Kpop plastic surgery disaster is criticized because of a deformed face similar to… Sunny (SNSD)

Namjoo (Apink) is now being called a disaster of plastic surgery because of her strange face. However, this time, Sunny (SNSD) was pushed into the controversy of Namjoo’s deformed beauty

After her appearance with a brand new look, Namjoo (Apink) was named in the list of disasters of plastic surgery in Kpop and she is still receiving many harsh criticism whenever a new photo is released. Not surprisingly at all, the latest selcam of Namjoo has been badly criticized by the netizens. They used strong disapproving words towards Namjoo’s deformed face due to overdone plastic surgery. Especially, there was even a fan that mocked at Namjoo, saying that she was following “unnatural” beauty of Sunny (SNSD).

Apink, namjoo
Apink, namjoo
Kpop plastic surgery disaster is criticized because of a deformed face similar to... Sunny (SNSD)
Namjoo’s beauty level has drastically dropped after a long absent time. And most of the fans have thought that she underwent overdone surgery
Apink, namjoo
Yet, the thing that is more noticeable is that SNSD’ member – Sunny was suddenly pushed into this issue. Recently, Sunny has also been supposed to do so much surgery that her face was deformed, that’s why a netizen compared her with Namjoo

1. [+377, -15] Whether you think her surgery turned out great or not, she just looks like a different person now;;
2. [+246, -12] What exactly did she do to her face..?
3. [+246, -11] I think this plastic surgery talk is going to follow her for the rest of her life…
4. [+25, -6] Wow… just… what a mess…
5. [+23, -2] I’m sorry but… she looks too weird now ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I guess it’s luck for plastic surgery to turn out well… She seems satisfied with how she looks judging by the selca she took, at least that’s fortunate ㅠㅠ..
6. [+18, -4] She looks like a crumpled up plastic monster
7. [+17, -8] She sure does look different;; let’s at least admit what’s true..
8. [+17, -4] She looks older now, like late twenties
9. [+16, -0] What’s her concept? Soshi’s Sunny?

Sources: netizenbuzz

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