Kpop MV with the most views in 2020: Is BlackPink or BTS the winner?

For BlackPink and BTS, 2020 has ended brilliantly when most of the products of these two groups ranked high on the charts and had admirable views.

1.“Dynamite” – BTS: 
Released on August 20, 2020, this MV currently reaches 726.2 million views.  To appease listeners during the COVID-19 pandemic, the song is about joy and appreciation for the little things that make life worthwhile.  After its release, “Dynamite” has received positive reviews from music critics for its catchy and captivating retro sound.
2. “How You Like That” – BlackPink: Released on June 26, 2020, this MV currently has 710.9 million views. “How you like that” belongs to the hip-hop genre, showing BlackPink’s unique and charismatic music. The melody of this song is catchy, mesmerizing listeners. The song carries a message of encouraging spirit, do not falter in the difficult situation, but continue to fly high, keep moving forward.
MV Kpop Most view3
3. “Ice Cream” – BlackPink and Selena Gomez: Released on August 27, 2020, this MV currently reaches 451 million views. This is a vibrant pop track with a simple rhythm and bright sound. The lyrics also show the girls’ cool looks, but inside they are actually very sweet, like ice cream.
MV Kpop Most view4
4. “Lovesick Girls” – BlackPink: Released on October 1, 2020, this MV currently has 302.6 million views. The song is about girls sadness when falling in love. However, after all, they still overcome everything and look for a better love.
MV Kpop Most view5
5. “WANNABE” – ITZY: Released on September 9, 2020, this MV currently reaches 252.8 million views. Like previous products, ITZY conveyed the message of “love yourself” through the MV “WANNABE”.
MV Kpop Most view6
6. “More & More” – Twice: Released on 1.6.2020, this MV currently reaches 220.4 million views. The song is about the excitement and sweet feelings of the couple when falling in love.
MV Kpop Most view7
7. “ON” – BTS: Released on February 27, 2020, this MV currently reaches 219.6 million views. MV impresses with colors, picturesque background, reminiscent of the blockbuster movies of Hollywood.
MV Kpop Most view8
8. “Black Swan” – BTS: Released on March 4, 2020, this MV currently reaches 219.6 million views. The lyrics are about the relationship between artists and art, and how they feel when losing their love.
MV Kpop Most view9
9. Life Goes On ”- BTS: Released on November 19, 2020, this MV currently reaches 210.4 million views. The lyrics of the song contain a positive message and bring hope to fans during a pandemic.
MV Kpop Most view10
10. “I Can’t Stop Me” – Twice: Released on October 26, 2020, this MV currently has 183.1 million views. The song’s content describes the conflicting moods of the girls in the face of good and evil, making it difficult even for them to control themselves.

Sources: laodong

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