Kpop hits with the best intro voted by netizen: BTS – EXO is on the same list with 2 legends

In addition to these two groups, the chart below has the appearance of a disbanded group.

As the chorus is important, the intro of a song is also considered a highlight which makes audiences love or hate right from the first note. Because of this special role, most producers now invest in the intro, instead of just creating an addictive chorus like before.

With the trend of bringing electronic music into the composition and recording process, it is not difficult to find hits in Kpop which attract the listeners right from a few first notes. However, according to Korean netizen, 10 songs below have the best intro:

“Growl” – EXO

“Really Really” – Winner

“Bang Bang Bang” – Big Bang

“Spring Day” – BTS

“The Chaser” – Infinite

“Energetic” – Wanna One

“Shangri-La” – VIXX

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” – BTS

“Overdose” – EXO

“Mirotic” – TVXQ

What do you think of this list?

Source: tinnhac

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