Kpop groups that go on “hibernation” for the longest time: BLACKPINK is not #1

Their fans are desperate in need of a comeback.

Every Kpop fan wants their favorite group to come back regularly every year. However, not all groups can do that due to each company’s different management, such as prioritizing solo activities over group activities. For some girl groups, their hiatus is even longer than male idols’ enlistment.

BIGBANG – 1453 days

Do you remember the last time BIGBANG made a comeback? Since the group released “Flower Road” as a farewell gift to fans before enlisting in the military, it has been 3 years and 11 months BIGBANG “disappeared” from the Kpop music scene. Now that the members have been discharged, there are many promises of a comeback but so far, there is still no official announcement.

Flower Road – the farewell single before BIGBANG members enlisted
Leader G-Dragon has repeatedly shared that he is making new music and preparing for a comeback
After many promises but still no new songs, the day BIGBANG makes a comeback seems to be far away

Oh!GG – 1278 days

After debuting with with Lil’ Touch on September 5, 2018, Girls’ Generation Oh!GG also upsets fans by going on a long hiatus. The rare group schedules of Oh!GG was shooting for season’s greetings and performing at SM’s free concert. It’s been 2 years and 4 months, when will Oh!GG make a comeback?

Lil’ Touch – Oh!GG’s first and only song in 2 years and 3 months
They only gather to shoot season’s greetings
Oh!GG recently appeared together at SM’s family concert but still no come back

Apink – 671 days

Apink is regarded as the second generation group that works the most frequently and energetically. However, after the release of the product Dumhdurum in April 2020, the group did not make any more appearances. It’s been a year and nine months, and fans are still waiting for the beautiful and talented females to introduce new products.

Fans are always looking forward to Apink’s new products

BLACKPINK – 520 days

Groups with a long hiatus period are usually 2nd generation groups, but BLACKPINK is a special case. The group debuted at the end of the 3rd generation, but the group had a long hiatus period. The group did not have any comeback in 2021. Since the latest product, Lovesick Girls released in early October 2020, the group has been absent from the Kpop market for 1 year and 3 months.

There is a fact that startled fans: The last time BLACKPINK made a comeback was before aespa debuted with Black Mamba. And within more than 1 year, aespa has continuously released new products and won a series of great awards including Daesang while BLACKPINK has almost “disappeared”.

However, in 2021, Lisa and Rosé also had solo debuts. But what fans are most looking forward to is of course the comeback of BLACKPINK as a whole group.

Recently, information about BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback has stirred up social media. In an Instagram live, when she opened the door to a studio at THEBLACKLABEL, Somi accidentally leaked a snippet of an unreleased song that is believed to be BLACKPINK’s. Later, Jennie herself has also confirmed twice that BLACKPINK’s comeback is happening soon and the girls are preparing for it.  

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