Kpop groups with the highest total album sales of all time

Let’s take a look at the ranking of Kpop idol groups with the most album sales of all time to see if the new generation idols can catch up with their seniors.

Digital music achievements are critical for a K-pop idol group to demonstrate public awareness. However, besides that, the album sales achievement is equally important. This not only reflects the strength of fandoms but also brings considerable benefits to both idols and management companies.

We used to compare album sales statistics charts amongst groups of the same gene in the past. However, it’s uncommon to look back on a comprehensive ranking that includes all of the bands with the highest album sales of all time. As a result, a post summarizing Kpop idol groups’ overall album sales has lately been a hot subject on Korean internet forums.


  • All albums released in Korea (known as domestic sales), as well as albums published elsewhere in the world, are taken into account.
  • All albums by solo artists or unit groups are taken into account.
  • Total sales are estimated from the group’s debut day to July 2021.

26th place: Red Velvet (debut in 2014)

Total sales: 2,147,826 copies
98% is domestic sales
2% is sales from Japan

25th: Sechskies (debut in 1997)

Total sales: 2.48 million copies
100% domestic sales

24th place: Stray Kids (debut in 2018)

Total sales: 2,507,456 copies
96% is domestic sales
4% is sales from Japan

23rd place: INFINITE (debut in 2010)

Total sales: 2,633,706 copies
84% is domestic sales
16% is sales from Japan

22nd place: TXT (debut in 2019)

Total sales: 2,714,303 copies
89% is domestic sales
11% is sales from Japan

21st place: IZ*ONE (2018 debut)

Total sales: 3,033,257 copies
69% is domestic sales
31% are sales from Japan

20th place: 2PM (debut in 2008)

Total sales: 3,401,167 copies
30% is domestic sales
70% is sales from Japan

19th place: Shinhwa (debut in 1998)

Total sales: 3.43 million copies
100% domestic sales

18th place: BLACKPINK (debut in 2016)

Total sales: 3,495,960 copies
95% is domestic sales
5% is sales from Japan

17th place: MONSTA X (debut in 2015)

Total sales: 3,549,401 copies
73% is domestic sales
27% is sales from Japan

16th place: S.E.S (debut in 1997)

Total sales: 3,579,859 copies
99% is domestic sales
1% is sales from Japan

15th place: Wanna One (debut in 2017)

Total sales: 3,624,580 copies
100% domestic sales

14th place: KARA (debut in 2007)

Total sales: 3,794,563 copies
16% is domestic sales
84% are sales from Japan

13th place: GOT7 (debut in 2014)

Total sales: 4,637,336 copies
90% is domestic sales
10% is sales from Japan

12th place: g.o.d (debut in 1999)

Total sales: 5,168,000 copies
100% domestic sales

11th place: BIGBANG (debut in 2006)

Total sales: 5,771,137 copies
70% is domestic sales
30% is sales from Japan

10th place: H.O.T. (debut in 1996)

Total sales: 6,057,000 copies
100% domestic sales

9th place: SNSD (debut in 2007)

Total sales: 6,507,610 copies
60% is domestic sales
40% is sales from Japan

8th place: Super Junior (debut in 2005)

Total sales: 7,469,285 copies
79% is domestic sales
21% are sales from Japan

7th place: SHINee (debut in 2008)

Total sales: 7,834,866 copies
72% is domestic sales
28% is sales from Japan

6th place: SEVENTEEN (debut in 2015)

Total sales: 9,627,264 copies
83% is domestic sales
17% are sales from Japan

5th place: TWICE (debut in 2015)

Total sales: 10,030,509 copies
65% is domestic sales
35% is sales from Japan

4th place: DBSK (debut in 2004)

Total sales: 11,421,478 copies
32% is domestic sales
68% is sales from Japan

3rd place: NCT (NCT + NCT 127 + NCT Dream + WayV) (debut in 2016)

Total sales: 13,953,303 copies
98% is domestic sales
2% is sales from Japan

2nd place: EXO (debut in 2012)

Total sales: 20,549,783 copies
96% is domestic sales
4% is sales from Japan

1st place: BTS (debut in 2013)

Total sales: 35,501,312 copies
87% is domestic sales
13% is sales from Japan

In fact, there are still quite a few stereotypes when it comes to an artist’s album sales. Many people often think that releasing many albums will be an advantage, but this only really happens if the group really has a solid fanbase. On the other hand, the continuous release of many albums will also easily create fewer buyers (because of financial conditions or personal reasons). It cannot guarantee stable sales. That’s why TWICE is still praised by Knets as the Kpop girl group with the best album sales power, no matter how many albums they release.

On the other hand, while the achievements by 1st and 2nd generation K-pop groups are laudable, the accomplishments of 3rd and subsequent generations are even more so. The reason is that in this day and age when anybody can readily access music online, spending a significant amount of money to purchase albums really demonstrates the fans’ love and support for idols.

Finally, while knowing that BTS will undoubtedly top the list, netizens are nevertheless surprised by the group’s album sales figures. The fast expansion of BTS has even shocked many people. And it appears that the group’s successes have become one of the motivators for other fandoms to work hard to acquire records and achieve new goals for their idols. That’s why, once BTS broke the million-selling milestone with just one album, several other K-pop boy and girl groups also joined the fray.

Some comments of Korean netizens:

  • TWICE is freaking crazy!!
  • Over 35 million copies, BTS is legendary!!!
  • Look at TWICE!! Exactly as expected!!
  • No matter what anyone thinks of TWICE, the truth is they have sold over 10 million albums!! It’s crazy!!
  • 2 years ago, I remember BTS sold 15 million copies, but now that number has increased by 20 million copies!!!
  • One BTS’ Korean album alone has surpassed 30 million copies (*photo attached below)
  • TWICE is a K-pop girl group, but they can reach the top!!
  • Wow, NCT debuted in 2016 and ranked 3rd. NCT is amazing!!
  • TWICE is a legend among female idols… 10 million copies!!
  • Wow, IZ*ONE is crazy? They had only been active for just over 2 years!
  • It’s great that 4th generation groups like TXT and Stray Kids also made it to the top.
  • Wow, but BTS is really cool. BTS has yet to release an album this year*. If they release an album in the second half of the year, I bet their cumulative number will reach 40 million copies. (*BTS just released the CD single ‘Butter’ in 2021)
  • Many people claim that TWICE’s success is since they released so many albums. Why don’t they realize that numerous bands continuously release albums but don’t have the same success as TWICE?

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