Kpop fans were surprised because 2 names were not nominated in MMA 2017

Nobody doubts about the transparency of Melon Music Awards; instead, fan are only curious and partly… disappointed with this absence.
Yesterday, the organization board of Melon Music Awards (MMA) 2017 announced two extremely important pieces of information. Firstly, the top 10 artists of the year (Bonsang) was revealed. Secondly, the detailed nomination lists for 17 categories were published.
If top 10 Bonsang made most of Kpop fans satisfied because it included excellent artists with the most outstanding digital achievements, the detailed nomination lists surprised a lot of people when the famous GFriend and their hit OST “Stay With Me”, were NOT nominated for any categories.


In 2017, GFriend worked very hard with 3 comebacks: “Fingertip”, “Love Whisper” and “Summer Rain”. Their achievements were just normal and even worse than 2016 when they had an explosion with “Rough” and “Navillera”.
Gfriend, LOVE WHISPER, Yerin, Yuju
Some fans were confused about GFriend’s failure in MMA, while others understood that their digital achievements in this year were seriously low. As digital achievement accounts for 70% of winning chance (30% left depends on votes), GFriend obviously has no opportunity to compete other famous artists whose stream and digital downloads are much higher than theirs.
c2 1
In “Top 10 artist of the year” category, at first, GFriend was on the top 40 nominees. However, with the same reason of low digital achievements, it is understandable that they couldn’t make it to be on top 10.
At the moment, the one and only hope that Buddy desire in MMA is the sub-award “HOT KAKAO STAR” in which GFriend is one of 19 nominees. The voting round will end on 20 Nov.

Stay With Me

Another case which also makes many Kpop fans ponder is the OST “Stay With Me” of Chanyeol & Punch. Most recently, the MV of this song reached 100 million views on YouTube, which proved the popularity of the song as well as the love of the audience for it.

Nevertheless, in “OST of the year” category, “Stay With Me” was not nominated. Instead, the organization board of MMA chose another OST of “Goblin” – “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” (Ailee) as a candidate. We have to admit that, “Stay With Me” did not have amazingly high digital achievements like “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow”, but compared to other nominees, Chanyeol’s hit was clearly more outstanding in terms of digital statistics as well as popularity.
Melon Music Awards , MMA 2017, Top 10 artist of the year
The representative of MMA have not made any announcements about the reason for the absence of “Stay With Me” on the nomination list. However, their fans still know that, every movie can only select a best OST to compete, which is same as the tradition of MMA so far.
The race of 17 main awards of Melon Music Awards 2017 make the audience less excited because GFriend and “Stay With Me” were not nominated. Hopefully, in the final show in December, artists who truly deserve the most will be honored to satisfy the entire Kpop music lovers.

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