Sales of BlackPink’s first mini-album is 1 of 7 things making Kpop fans look forward to the group’s upcoming comeback!

The YG girl group is coming back and solving a series of questions from the fans.

The YG girl group is coming back and solving a series of questions from the fans.
Blink in particular and KPOP fans in general have an appointment on June 15th, when BlackPink – one of the most anticipated as well as the one-year-absent girl group – returns to KPOP stages. Especially, this time, the YG girls will release a mini album (although it includes only… 4 songs).

Here are seven things that make KPOP fans to look forward to the comeback of BlackPink.

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First of all, finally BlackPink is back. No matter how much Blink loves the girls and their music, the fact that this girlgroup has been “frozen” for a year is quite unacceptable. BlackPink is almost 3 years old now but they have only 5 songs (including a remix cover). The other girl groups in the same generation of them have come back for the third or fourth time during only the absent time of BlackPink and these groups’ positions are more stable now. Fortunately, BlackPink finally comes back.

Secondly, will the next music product be drown by the “super storm” on June 15th? Before scheduling, YG Entertainment might have carefully made the plans for BlackPink’s comeback. However, you should not forget that June 15th is not only the day that the first episode of “Produce 48” is released, but also the day of the opening football matches of the World Cup. Blink can focus on streaming for BlackPink’s music by all effort, but what about the Korean public? No one is sure whether Korean public will pay attention to this music product, or they will be busy with unstoppable dramas from Produce 48 and thrilling moments of World Cup.

Thirdly, in the KPOP stages particularly, “Square Up” is strong enough to confront with the products by many famous artists such as Wanna One, SHINee, BTOB and the rising girl group MOMOLAND. The winner for KPOP stages in June has been discussed many times, however, no one is sure which artist will take the spotlight after all.

Fourthly, will the title song “Ddu Du Ddu Du” be able to break the stable digital records that BlackPink’s previous songs such as “As If It’s Your Last”, “Playing With Fire” … ever got? At the same time, can “Ddu Du Ddu Du” MV set new records for the number views or likes among girl groups’ MVs in particular and Idolgroups’ in general?

Fifthly, how much the sales of mini album “Square Up” will be? Among girl groups of this generation, TWICE is currently the “queen of CD Sales” with more than 250,000 sold copies of the group’s latest mini album, Red Velvet ranks second with the sales of approximately 100,000 and GFriend ranks third with about 50,000 sold albums. What about BlackPink? The upcoming album sales will somehow reflect the group and Blink’s popularity in Korea at present.

The sixth thing is, coming back after a year and releasing the first mini album with careful preparation plan, can BlackPink reach the top of the chart for girl group brand values? In fact, this position is frequently dominated by TWICE and Red Velvet. Since debut, the YG girl group has never reached the top position. This is a disadvantage of BlackPink compared to the other two opponents from the Big 3.

Last but not least, will this comeback be successful enough to promote BlackPink’s position among Korean girlgroups? According to entertainment experts, the top three girlgroups of the new generation is TWICE, Red Velvet and GFriend respectively. Although BlackPink is commonly known (and under pressure) as a girl group from Big 3, it is still not enough for the group to make a breakthrough as well as gain popularity towards Korean public. If possible, the group can only be considered a strong candidate in the top 5 or top 10. Therefore, the upcoming comeback will be a great opportunity for the group to join the “real leaders” of KPOP.

How about you, are you looking forward to the upcoming comeback of BlackPink? Let’s see how the group answer above questions by their achievements!

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