Kpop fans ask AllKpop to apologize for its recent racist article aim at Lisa’s Southeast Asian fans

This morning (July 7), Allkpop posted an article with the headline “Extreme Lisa fans from South East Asia are being criticized for terrorizing other BLACKPINK member’s social media”. This article was based on the comments of some Korean netizens who tend to disparage Southeast Asian fans, especially the fan community of Lisa (BLACKPINK) in this area.

Immediately, AllKpop’s post received a negative response from netizens, especially Southeast Asians. Many fans were angered by the content in the post, especially after Allkpop’s co-owner responded to the incident: “How can this be racist? It’s just a post that translates top comment by netizens on Nate Pann?”

After that, fans started to trend the hashtag #AllkpopRacist on Twitter and by 9 pm (KST) July 7, there have been more than 470 thousand tweets asking Allkpop to apologize.

Currently, Allkpop’s side has only responded to the incident as follows: ” We hope by shedding light on such issues all KPOP fandoms can unite to stop the hate and divide between international fans and continue to share, embrace and enjoy KPOP. Music is a language with no borders, and we hope everyone can become one thru the love of KPOP music.”

Source: Twitter

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