Kpop fans are angry at the edited photo of Korean idols in sensitive posture

Pictures between a member of Kpop girl groups and a man recently posted make Kpop fans angry.This man summed up selfies of female idols such as Jennie, Ji Soo, Irene, Nancy and edited with himself in sensitive poses. The edited photos look like real photos.

The photo of Jennie sitting on a hotel bed posted by the female idol on her personal Instagram was edited by a man to with bad purpose.
Another photo shows a scene as if the man was removing Irene’s make-up (The original photo was Irene’s pictorial taken for a popular magazine).
Jisoo is also a victim. This photo was edited to look a lot like a couple’s photo because of Jisoo’s suitability of the outfits.

The man also edited a photo of him kissing Lisa or having sensitive action with Nancy.

Kpop fans around the world are very angry at the cleverly edited photos to express this man’s evil intentions. Korean netizens comment: 

  • Why don’t YG sue him ?
  • It looks just like the real thing at the first glance, so someone will believe in these pictures
  • The released photos are very bad. I wonder how terrible the unpublished photos are.
  • It’s filthy, I feel terrible
  • I’m so scared. Poor them

Sources: ione

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