KPOP dominated the TOP 10 most popular hashtags on Twitter in the first half of 2021

Today (#HashtagDay) marked the date that hashtag (#) was created and be used on Twitter as a symbol of conversation in this digital era.

Hashtag Day

According to Twitter, from January to June 2021, more than 140 million were used and there were 12.6 billion tweets that included more than 1 hashtag.

Hashtag has changed the way people communicate online and helped the users classify their tweets, becoming one of the most influential symbols in this era. Hashtag was first used on Twitter on August 23, 2007 and Twitter called that day the #HashtagDay to celebrate their creation. This year, on the #HashtagDay, Twitter released the “TOP10 most popular hashtags in the world” and provided emojis that are automatically applied to any tweet using #HashtagDay.

In the first half of 2021, #iHeartAwards, the official hashtag for the iHeartRadio Music Awards held by an online radio station in the U.S, was the most used hashtag in the world. This hashtag was reported to have been used 190 million times in the tweets of global music fans to support their artists. 2 other hashtags related to iHeartRadio Music Awards, #BestFanArmy, and #BestMusicVideo, also ranked 4th and 9th on the list.

Along with the global success of KPOP, KPOP related hashtags dominated the TOP10 most used hashtag in the first half of 2021. It was recorded that #BTS ranked 2nd with 150 million mentions, while #EXO ranked 7th and #Enhypen ranked 8th.

In addition, #BTSArmy and #Dynamite, the hashtag for BTS’s fandom – ARMY and their hit song ranked 6th and 10th.

In particular, the hashtag #BTSArmy was used by Army to announce the recent free vaccination campaign for Indonesian during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Director-General of WHO also tweeted the hashtag #BTSArmy on his Twitter account.

Twitter also released the data recorded according to regions. In the first half of 2021, 7 million hashtags and 420 million tweets with more than 1 hashtag were used in Korea. Followed Japan, the U.S, the U.K, India and Canada, South Korea was the 6th country that used the most hashtag.

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