Kpop artists with the most music show trophies: BLACKPINK is absent, BTS tops the overall ranking except 3 shows

There are even 2 music shows where BTS’s number of wins is not in the top 5.

Over the past decades, weekly music shows have become familiar to fans of the Korean music industry. Not only are there eye-catching and attractive performances, where many popular artists and idol groups appear to promote their songs, music shows in Korea also impress with the exciting competition every week to find out the winner among the most outstanding artists with the best achievements.

Currently, there are 6 main music shows being broadcasted weekly on various channels in Korea, including 3 cable music shows (The Show, Show Champion, M! Countdown) and 3 music shows on public networks (KBS Music Bank, MBS Show! Music Core, SBS Inkigayo). Each show has a different scoring system and criteria for awarding trophies. Some shows even continuously change their chart system through several stages. Therefore, even in the same week, it is not certain that the group/artist that has won on one show will also win on another.

Let’s take a look at the ranking of artists with the most music show wins ever, both overall and by each show!  Note: MBC’s Show! Music Core had removed the scoring system temporarily for 8 years (from 2005 to 2013) and did not announce weekly winners. Meanwhile, SBS MTV’s “The Show” has only just started awarding trophies from the end of 2014. For this reason, many idol groups and artists of the 2nd generation that were the most active before 2014 do not have as many wins on Show! Music Core and The Show compared to their juniors of the 3rd and 4th generation.


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1. BTS: It’s no surprise that the biggest boy group at the moment – BTS, is also the Kpop artist who has received the most trophies on weekly music shows with a total of 152 wins so far.

2. EXO: Before BTS, the record of most wins in the history of Korean music shows belonged to EXO with a total of 120 trophies. They are also the first boy group in Kpop history to get 100 wins on weekly music shows.

3. TWICE: TWICE is currently the female artist with the most wins in music show history with 117 trophies won so far.

4. SNSD: SNSD is the first artist in Kpop history to get 100 wins on music shows.

5. Big Bang (same rank as IU): Big Bang is the only 2nd generation boy group on this ranking with a total of 87 music show wins.

5. IU (same rank as Big Bang): Equal to Big Bang’s record of 87 wins, IU is the solo artist with the most music show wins ever.

The Show (SBS MTV, broadcast every Tuesday)

kpop groups music shows

4. Oh My Girl (tie) – 8 wins

4. GOT7 (tie) – 8 wins

4. EXID (tie) – 8 wins

4. A Pink (tie) – 8 wins

3. IZ*ONE (tie) – 9 wins

3. Red Velvet (tie) – 9 wins

2. VIXX – 14 wins

1. G-Friend – 16 wins

Show Champion (MBC Music, broadcast every Wednesday)

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4. SEVENTEEN (tie) – 13 wins

4. G-Friend (tie) – 13 wins

2. EXO (tie) – 17 wins

2. TWICE (tie) – 17 wins

1. BTS – 21 wins

M!Countdown (Mnet, broadcast every Thursday)

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4. SNSD (tie) – 18 wins

4. Red Velvet (tie) – 18 wins

3. Big Bang – 23 wins

1. EXO (tie) – 25 wins

1. TWICE (tie) – 25 wins

Music Bank (KBS, broadcast every Friday)

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4. Big Bang (tie) – 27 wins

4. TWICE (tie) – 27 wins

3. EXO – 34 wins

2. SNSD – 42 wins

1. BTS – 47 wins

Show! Music Core (MBC, broadcast every Saturday)

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4. Wanna One (tie) – 12 wins

4. TWICE (tie) – 12 wins

3. IU – 16 wins

2. EXO – 19 wins

1. BTS – 39 wins

Inkigayo (SBS, broadcast every Sunday)

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5. SNSD – 27 wins

3. BTS (tie) – 30 wins

3. Big Bang (tie) – 30 wins

2. IU – 34 wins

1. TWICE – 35 wins

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