Kpop 2017 Summary: Rookies are rising while senior idols are taking a break

In 2017, Kpop industry has witnessed a number of outstanding exchanges. When senior idols are losing their positions, rookies keep competing one another to take over those empty positions.

2017 is considered as a successful year of Kpop as Korean songs keep ranking high on top Music Charts of the world and are lead music trends in many countries. Looking at Kpop achievements within this year, we can easily see that most of them are contributed by idol groups whose ages are not more than 5 years old. Meanwhile, the careers of senior idols seem to be very quiet, or if they have a comeback, they will surely be beaten by the irresistible attractiveness of their “hoobaes”.
So, let’s look back at the past 12-month journey to see who are lucky idols to boost their career and expand their power on Kpop map? On the other hand, who are unlucky ones to have career downgrade? Let’s see!


If there’s a most wanted name to appear on newspapers during this year, that must be BTS. 2017 has marked a wonderful chapter in the career of 7 boys from Big Hit. After attacking Kpop with a comeback with their hit “Spring Day” in the beginning of this year, they continued to break many of their own records with “DNA”, won an award at Billboard Music Award, and had a performance at American Music Awards. Perhaps, there’s no need to say more to describe BTS’s current amazing success.
Red Velvet
Red Velvet did not have a “noisy” debut and SM’s promotion plans were even not impressive at all, which made many netizens doubt their ability to succeed. To be specific, though Red Velvet have many hot songs such as “Ice Cream Cake” or “Dumb Dumb”, they still can’t be on the top. However, with a sudden success of their 2017 summer hit “Red Flavor”, Red Velvet’s position on Kpop map was and is changing positively.

Black Pink

The number of songs that Black Pink has published so far is so few that it can be counted on the fingers of 2 hands. Luckily, when their songs are released, they mostly become hits. Their hit “As If It’s Your Last” which was published in the middle of this year again helped them to reach higher positions in international market.


Since their debut, Winner have always been trusted by audiences. However, their fame as well as popularity show a sign of decreasing more and more. It was not until their comeback in the beginning of this year with the national hit “Really Really” that Winner’s heat returned. Though “Really Really” reached the highest peak in digital sales among their other songs, it was not lucky enough to win Daesang Award. However, this song is still recognized as the best hit in Wanne One’s career by many Kpop fans.
Twice is probably one of the most successful idolgroups within the shortest time in Kpop history. Last year, after ruling Kpop industry with their hits “Cheer Up” or “TT”; this year, Twice works hard to boost their popularity with “Knock Knock”, “Signal”, “Likey” or their upcoming song “Heart Shaker”. Twice’s hits in 2017 may be considered as less special than in last year, but surprisingly, JYP’s idols still break many records in digital sales as well as album sales, which is a dream of many other girlgroups.

Nu’est W

If “The best revival idolgroup” title really exists in Kpop, it must be given to Nu’est W for sure. The group debuted in 2012 with almost 6 years of experience. However, if there was no Produce 101, Nu’est would never have a chance to show up on Kpop map. Even though Hwang Minhyun (currently a member of Wanna One) can’t come back now, 4 remaining members of Nu’est W still contribute to the group’s success, especially, after many years, their comeback performance ranked first for the first time.


In 2017, BTOB’s title has changed from “boygroup neglected by Cute” to “new aces” of this reputed record label. The success of their autumn hit “Missing You” brought BTOB a more stable position. Now, their talents are recognized by audiences and their fame keeps increasing, which is the best and worthiest gift for them. There will be no more days when Kpop fans feel “regret” for them for being talented yet unlucky.

The dinosaur rookie – Wanna One

If Twice is the girlgroup with shortest time to reach success, in terms of boygroup, nobody deserves this title more than Wanna One. Coming from a hot survival show and owing a huge fandom, it was not surprising at all when Wanna One almost ruled music industry with just 1 debut song and 1 comeback. They sold over 1 million albums, kept ranking first on Boygroup Brand Reputation Rankings, continuously participated in music or reality shows as well as commercials, and most recently, won a trophy for “Best Male Group” at MAMA 2017. Wanna One’s upcoming achievements will surely increase more and more because after all, they have just officially debuted for… 4 months only.

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