Korea’s first moon exploration movie ‘The Moon’ finished filming after 4 months

Director Kim Yong-hwa’s next film ‘The Moon’ (working title) cranked up on October 12 after a four-month journey.

‘The Moon’ (working title), a touching masterpiece presented by a man left alone in space and another man on Earth who is desperately trying to save him, has completed its four-month voyage.

Korea's first moon exploration movie 'The Moon' finished filming after 4 months

‘The Moon’ is a work that drew attention because of the combination between director Kim Yong-hwa of ‘Along with the Gods’ series, which recorded double 10-million myth, and actors Sol Kyung-gu, Do Kyung-soo, Kim Hee-ae. In addition, the movie also raises viewers’ expectation with the participation of the best scene-stealers such as Park Byung-eun, Jo Han-chul, Choi Byung-mo and Hong Seung-hee. People are getting curious about what kind of visual and story that director Kim Yong-hwa, who had created a syndrome with a touching story of 7 hells regardless of nationality in ‘Along with the Gods’ series, will present in Korea’s first moon exploration movie. ‘The Moon’ started filming on June 6 and finished filming safely after a total of 4 months.

Korea's first moon exploration movie 'The Moon' finished filming after 4 months

The actors who went on a moon exploration for 4 months shared their feelings after ‘The Moon’ cranked up. Sol Kyung-gu as Jae-guk – the former head of the space center struggling to save Sun-woo who was left alone in space – showed his expectation, “Both the director and the staff worked very hard. I’m curious about how the movie will turn out. I think I’ll wait with anticipation for the complete version to come out.” Do Kyung-soo as Sun-woo, a space crew member who was isolated in space and crossed numerous crises, expressed his thoughts, “I’m so honored and grateful to be able to work with such wonderful staff on this project. It was the best site.” Kim Hee-ae as Moon-young, the general director of NASA’s space station who held the key to the incident, showed her confidence, “I think there’ll be another spectacular work that does not betray the audience’s expectation to the extent that they have to exclaim ‘Such a movie can be made in Korea’.

Director Kim Yong-hwa expressed his gratitude to the actors and staff who shared joys and sorrows with him for 4 months, “While filming, I was as excited and happy as when I debuted, so I didn’t know how time flew by. There were no major difficulties because great actors and staff helped me a lot. ‘The Moon’ is a movie that’s fully embodied as much as you thought.

‘The Moon’, which will invite viewers into space as Korea’s first moon exploration movie, is going to work on post-production soon.

Sources: k14

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