Korean’s opinion on MAMA and MMA, seems like these awards are not as important as we thought

Korean people don’t care much about these 2 awards shows.

To the K-Pop fan community, award shows such as MAMA and MMA are one of the hottest events of the year. However, in reality, are these award shows as important as we think? Recently, 2 Youtubers from the channel DKDKTV have conducted a street interview on this matter with Korean young people at Gangnam, Seoul.

Most people answered that they don’t usually watch award shows such as MAMA or MMA, and they will watch only if they were at the live show. Many won’t take their time to watch the whole show. Instead they will watch the highlights that are uploaded on Naver after the shows ended. Most of them know about MAMA because this is a big-scale award show compared to the average quality, mostly target young audience and is joined by many big celebrities.

However, Koreans don’t care who the winners will be because they think that these awards are divided evenly so that the fandoms won’t start wars with each other. Moreover, many agree that these awards will go to groups such as BTS and Red Velvet because of their big fandoms who are willing to vote 24 hours a day.

About MAMA and MMA, Koreans don’t have much respect for these two awards because to them, the organizers are unfair because they based mostly on fans’ vote. There’s a big difference between fanboy’s and fangirls’ votes. Most fanboys don’t care about the voting competition. Instead they support silently and congratulate their idol after receiving an award. Korean young people are quite concerned about how international fandoms fight for the awards. Mostly, all the people who were interviewed chose BTS, TWICE or Red Velvet as “Artist of the Year” and iKON for “Song of the Year”.

Through this interview, K-Pop fans realized that events like MAMA or MMA affect only the K-Pop fan community, especially international fans. In reality, however big the influence of the Hallyu wave, Korean people care about politics, economic and sports more than showbiz.

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