Korean Press revealed G-Friend’s update while fans were “holding their breath” waiting for the members to speak up: Will this be a good or bad sign?

This is perhaps their necessary caution in this sensitive time.

In only 3 days, the exclusive contract between G-Friend and the management company Source Music will officially expire. On May 18, Source Music dropped a bomb to the Korean entertainment industry when they suddenly announced G-Friend’s leave with a brief explanation: “After thorough consideration and discussion, G-Friend and Source Music have come to the unanimous decision to follow their separate paths… We hope you will still give your love and support to all the members as they embark on their new journeys in diverse fields.”

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Up until now, G-Friend’s future is still a mystery because no one understands why their contract ended so suddenly while the members were happy to go to trainings and practice as well as sharing with fans about the preparation of their new album. What makes fans more anxious in this situation is the silence of the group members when no one has spoken up even to calm the fans or to confirm their departure from Source Music.

According to Korean site OSEN, it is expected that G-Friend will soon directly share their thoughts on the news of ending the exclusive contract with Source Music, which is currently attracting a lot of attention. OSEN quoted a source that is working in the Korean music industry, saying that the G-Friend members are currently carefully arranging what to say and convey to fans regarding this shocking news. 

In fact, after Source Music made an official announcement on Tuesday, there were lots of angry comments asking the company to specifically explain why they did not renew their contract with the group. But besides that, there are also opinions that if G-Friend members directly share their thoughts, the current controversy will somehow be mitigated because the curiosity of the public will be satisfied to some certain extent.

Although it is not yet known how the G-Friend members will express their views on this still-mysterious contract termination, fans and the online community are still waiting patiently while putting faith in the 6 girls. Many netizens who are not fans also affirmed that they will definitely continue to support the members no matter what path they choose in the future.

G-Friend officially debuted in January 2015 and not long after that, they became one of the most famous and successful girl groups in the 3rd generation idol group, owning many hits that crash internet rankings. According to Korean media, although the contract with the management company has ended, the member Yerin will continue to appear on the beauty show “Beauty Time Season 3”, which is scheduled to air its first episode on May 30.

Update: Recently, G-Friend members have handwritten some letters for their fans. We will soon update with a translations of these letters.

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