Korean netizens wonder why aespa is hated

Netizens wonder why there are so many negative comments in the post announcing Aespa’s comeback.

As previously reported, the rookie girl group of SM Ent – aespa recently confirmed that they will soon return to the Kpop race with a completely new cover of the song Forever.  And recently, a post on a popular online forum announcing the group’s comeback received 623 down votes after a short time.  This makes many netizens wonder: Why are 4 girls being hated?

Aespa broke ITZY’s record

Netizens left a comment, “Why are there so many downvotes. Are you ashamed to blatantly express your grievances in front of everyone?”, “I am a fan of JYP’s artists but I was also surprised by this”,” Well, the public perception of the group still hasn’t changed … The downvotes can never be fake”,” That’s why companies will never apologize. “

“Omg don’t force your thoughts on the aespa. You’re just jealous.”, “I really hope there won’t be any more controversies, especially things like plagiarism”, “I think all of their ‘controversies’ are fabrications? Why are there so many downvotes? “,” I think this is fake news because of the number of downvotes “,” Don’t support the group.  Anyway, nobody really likes them “.

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