Which companies do not want BTS to be allowed to postpone enlistment?

The Big 3 (SM, YG, JYP) admit that no one can surpass BTS?

One thing that the KMCA side emphasizes many times in the petition is that the criteria that the Government has approved to postpone obligations to Kpop idols is too high. They said that it is difficult for a young artist to receive a Cultural Medal and it is likely that BTS will be the only case of being allowed to postpone military service.

In a December 2020 statement, the KMCA directly mentioned BTS when saying: “If this law is passed through with the current standards, then no K-Pop artists will be able to take advantage of this law even if there were a 2nd-generation BTS in the future. If this law is a law that aims to promote the future of the K-Pop industry broadly, and not just a law made to allow BTS to delay their military service, then the specific criteria currently set to take effect have gone astray from the original aim of this law and revisions are necessary.” 

Many fans of BTS and Knet have implicitly sarcasm of KMCA’s 26 companies because the fact that they petition with the above reason also shows their inferiority. Accordingly, the entertainment companies seem to be aware that their current or future artists cannot achieve the same things as BTS.

Notably, apart from small agencies, Knet even sarcasm the Big 3 (SM, JYP and YG) because their participation in the petition also means that they admit their agency artists cannot surpass BTS. Because of that, the Big 3 has to propose an objection to the bill for the Government to consider lowering the standard. In the event that the Government cannot lower the standards, they want this bill to be canceled so that BTS will not be able to postpone their military service anymore.

YG and Pledis stabbed Big Hit in the back?

Among 26 companies that participated in the KMCA petition, BTS fans and Korean netizens paid the most attention to YG and Pledis. Both companies have a partnership with Big Hit (now HYBE): YG cooperates with Big Hit, and Pledis is a sub-label under HYBE. Their participation in opposing the ‘BTS law’ shows that the interests of their artists are more important than the partnership with Big Hit.

However, compared to YG, netizens are angrier with Pledis. Because Pledis is not part of the Big 3 and is still a sub-label under Big Hit (HYBE). Many people compare this action as Pledis is ‘biting the hand that feeds them’ when the subsidiary tries to make it difficult for the hold company’s artists. However, many other netizens find this common thing because Pledis operates independently and they still need to call for amendments to protect the rights of the company’s male groups NU’EST and SEVENTEEN.

Source: Allkpop


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