Korean netizens pick the most outstanding 4th generation girl groups in terms of visuals (ft. aespa, STAYC, I’VE, and more)

Many girl groups that debuted in the last 2 years are constantly praised by Korean netizens when it comes to visuals.

Kpop is entering its transition of generation when various potential girl groups recently made their debut or about to debut that attract much attention of the Korean public. Not only having good skills and charming stage presence, 4th generation girl groups also receive many compliments thanks to the members’ eye-catching visuals.

In a discussion about the appearance of 4th generation girl groups, Korean netizens pick out the groups that they think have the prettiest members. STAYC, the female rookie dubbed the “all-visual girl group” of the new generation, is mentioned the most in the comments of Korean netizens. 

However, STAYC is not the only girl group that appears in this discussion. In fact, there are many 4th generation girl groups that catch the eyes of Korean fans because of their outstanding beauty, including groups that already debuted such as aespa, Weeekly, LIGHTSUM, PURPLE KISS and even groups that have yet to officially debut (but have announced the lineup) such as I’VE, Kep1er and JYPn (temporary name of JYP’s upcoming girl group).

  • “aespa jjang”
4th generation girl groups visuals
  • “Of course, STAYC… All of the members can take on the visual position. Usually monolids are not my style but I really like Sieun’s visual”
  • “I have high expectations for I’VE”
  • “STAYC. They’re really an all-visual girl group.”
  • “Definitely it’s STAYC T__T”
4th generation girl groups visuals
  • “I like the visuals of the Weekly members. Soojin of this group has a rabbit face that is both pretty and eye-catching”
  • “aespa. I used to think that Karina was the only visual in the group but now I also like the beauty of Winter and Ning Ning”
  • “LIGHTSUM. Sangah is cool and pretty. Nayoung and Hina are pretty in a very innocent way”
  • “Jang Won Young jjang”
4th generation girl groups visuals
  • “STAYC, especially Seeun”
4th generation girl groups visuals
  • “My ideal style has always been JYP’s girl groups… I’m looking forward to the debut of the new girl group. Sullyoon is so pretty”
  • “STAYC has a rabbit-like beauty and aespa has a tiger-like vibe, ITZY has a cat-like look. These 3 groups are really pretty… Besides, Jang Won Young’s new group also seems to have a lot of potential, there are quite a few members with cute puppy faces”
4th generation girl groups visuals
  • “Kep1er. Xiaoting and Yeseo are so pretty”
  • “I don’t see anyone mentioning PURPLE KISS, they’re pretty… Besides, I agree that STAYC is an all-visual group”
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