Korean netizens once again realized the importance of genes after comparing the looks of the TXT maknae and his sister

Many people mistakenly think they are twins.

In recent days, many pictures of Huening Kai (TXT) and his sister – Lea have suddenly become a hot topic on online forums in Korea.  The reason is that their outstanding looks have made Korean netizens once again realize the importance of genes.

maknae TXT1

Huening Lea is not a strange name for the Kpop fan community.  She used to be a member of the girl group VIVA but then decided to become an influencer on social networks.  Lea often posts vlogs on her personal YouTube channel while working at a coffee shop.  Meanwhile, her younger brother is currently an idol that is noticed by many Kpop fans as the maknae of TXT.

The appearance of Huening Kai and her sister Lea has received a lot of praise from Korean netizens.  Many people feel admiration when both have inherited the beauty of their parents, and believe that the similarity between them can make many people think that they are twins.

maknae TXT2
maknae TXT3
maknae TXT3
maknae TXT3
maknae TXT3
maknae TXT3
maknae TXT3

 – “Everyone please try to watch Huening Kai’s interview on Tingle, he looks mysteriously handsome”

 – “Wow look alike”

 – “But Huening Kai is prettier, isn’t it ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ But I have to admit their noses are very similar”

 – “Both look exactly alike”

– “I think Huening Kai might look better than a real girl if he tries to have long hair”

 – “Huening Kai is very handsome and his sister is also very pretty”

 – “Both have inherited beautiful genes from their parents”

 – “They look like twins”


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