Korean netizens evaluate BTS Jin’s first solo OST ‘Yours’ for the drama ‘Jirisan’

Jin (BTS) released his first solo OST for the drama ‘Jirisan’, which stars actors Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon.

The song ‘Yours‘ – OST Part.4 of ‘Jirisan,’ performed by Jin, was released on all digital music platforms at 6 p.m. on November 7 (KST). The song belongs to the lyrical ballad genre and brings out a warm atmosphere thanks to the harmonious combination of string instruments and piano sound. Furthermore, Jin’s sweet and soft voice gives the song a lingering and fluttering feeling.

BTS Jin 'Yours' Jirisan

The film’s production unit and the OST production unit shared that: ”Yours’ is a warm gift for those who watch the drama, and the song will be played throughout the drama as the theme OST of ‘Jirisan’.” Currently, they have released 3 video versions for the song, the official audio version, the lyrics version and the MV version.

So far, Jin a well-known vocalist in BTS. The male idol is praised for his singing skills in previous solo songs such as “Awake,” “Epiphany,” “Moon,” and “Abyss.” And ‘Yours‘ lived up to those expectations after receiving a deluge of compliments from Korean netizens. The song is currently becoming a hot topic on Korean online forums.

BTS Jin 'Yours' Jirisan

Some comments from Knet:

  • Great song, it’s great, it’s really good!!
  • Jin’s chest voice is amazing.
  • The song is great and Seokjin’s voice is amazing! 
  • His voice is a real treasure.
  • What a sad song!
  • I think this is the feeling of the male lead in the drama, very good and very suitable!!
  • I wish they could sing more songs like this.
  • I really like this song!!
  • When I listen to it, I can’t stop praising it. I believe it is a voice that can subtly touch emotions. Jin’s voice has a lot of depth and variety to it. 
  • Needless to say, Seokjin’s voice is incredible. I was excited for it, but the song is so good that I’m crying.
  • Wow, after listening to the entire song, I like it better than the part I heard in yesterday’s episode. A song that is ideal for listening to this winter…
  • Well, his vocal abilities are truly insane, and he puts his heart and soul into the song. I really enjoy his singing style. 


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