Korean netizens debated about the solo achievements of Jennie and Rosé

Many people believe that Rosé’s achievement is thanks to the fandom’s support, but in terms of virality, it is far behind what Jennie did before. 

One of the popular topics of the Kpop fan community recently is the solo debut of Rosé (Black Pink).  The female idol born in 1997 has made many impressive achievements in digital, album sales, as well as had the honor of becoming a Korean female solo artist with the highest debut ranking (No.70) in the history on the Billboard Hot 100.

Korean netizens debated about the solo achievements of Jennie and Rosé

Previously, fans of Rosé often complained that YG did not take care of the group’s main vocalist.  However, in the recent solo project, YG has proven that the company is extremely devoted to Rosé.  It seems that no other solo artist from YG has been as favored as Rosé.  She has 2 solo MVs, her promotions are also 2 months long, … Rosé was promoted in many weekend stages, performed on Japanese and American television, opened a Tiktok account, personal YouTube channel …

Korean netizens debated about the solo achievements of Jennie and Rosé
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YG also spent a lot of money to take care of Rosé’s solo stage on broadcast stations, surprising the audience with the company’s investment.  In order to attract attention for her debut album, Rosé also appeared on entertainment shows, thereby helping the female idol to rank first in the personal branding chart, enough to see how YG “pampered” her!

However, Rosé’s solo debut was still considered “imperfect”. Netizens said that On The Ground is not viral and it seems, only fans listen to this song. Many people believe that this song has the combined style of Taylor Swift, Lewis Capaldi … In terms of choreography, On the Ground’s movements are also considered unremarkable.  Rosé’s performance, in general, is not too impressive, which is why many of her fancams have less view than dancers’ fancams.

Many netizens commented that Rosé is still inferior to Jennie, who debuted solo in November 2018.  At that time, Black Pink’s YouTube channel only had 13 million followers, the group’s reputation in Korea was not really stable. Jennie herself was also being criticized at that time, accused of being lazy.  The female idol’s solo plan was also deployed quite hastily, only two weeks before her debut. However, Jennie still proved her charisma and set many new records.  The song “SOLO” has an impressive positive record on digital music charts, creating a trend among a segment of global youth.  The hairstyles and costumes that Jennie promoted also became a hot trend. After her successful debut, Jennie entered the ranks of the most famous Kpop female idols, continuously gaining a lot of individual contracts in the following years.

Korean netizens debated about the solo achievements of Jennie and Rosé

Looking back at YG’s support for Rosé and comparing other conditions (Black Pink’s reputation and individual member’s reputation) at this point, netizens commented that the female idol was not as successful as Jennie. Rosé’s performances can not attract attention as Jennie did in 2018. While in the group, Rosé stands out, but when solo, she reveals many weaknesses.  The female singer also lacks confidence when performing alone.  The female idol has achieved achievements in the album sale segment because her individual fandom has been hoarding money and calling for donations for the past 2 years.

Therefore, network users believe that it is wise for YG to let Jennie go solo first when seeing her potential.  As for Rosé, YG did everything they could to “push” her fame during this solo promotion, but if she didn’t achieve the expected performance, Rosé could only blame herself.

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