Korean netizens argue about the legendary U2 band remembering Sulli

This act of honoring and commemorating Sulli of U2 band has received mixed opinions from Korean netizens.

2019 can be considered as the darkest year of the entertainment industry of Korea, as at the end of the year in less than 2 months, the fans had to say eternal goodbyes to Sulli and Goo Hara.

Recently, the legendary band U2 honored Sulli at their concert called “The Joshua Tree Tour 2019” held at Gocheok Sky Dome, Seoul. However, this beautiful act has received mixed comments from the Korean netizens.

Specifically, when U2 were performing the song “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)”, on the giant LED screen appeared the word “HERSTORY”, and after that a series of images of brave women from Korea and all over the world.

The video came as a surprise when Sulli, who passed away in October, appeared along side with Greta Thunberg, the famous Swedish 16-year-old environmental activist. Besides, there are also famous female politicians, artists, athletes of Korea, so it can be said that Sulli was specially honored.

The image of Sulli on the screen, along with other inspirational women, has touched many fans.

The beautiful gesture of the legendary band U2 which is supposed to receive the approval of the Korean audience, turns out to be encountered by many mixed opinions.

Korean netizens’ comments about U2 putting Sulli on the screen when performing:

  • U2 is awesome, not only in their music but also their personality!
  • Sulli’s life was as beautiful as a movie, beautiful from the name to the person.
  • So sad, I miss Sulli.
  • Foreign gentlemen are really at a different level.
  • It was so sad that she died so young, but I’m happy to see her along side with other “female warriors”.
  • This is the clearest example of how you will be honored after your death!
  • I also don’t like how U2 is involved in politics in this way, it’s just too much. The messages they tried to convey were too heavy, even the foreign fans criticized it. They should just focus on the music instead.

Sources: k14

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