Korean netizens are angry that the reputations of Suga and V (BTS) are taken advantage of by their homeland

The recent actions of the Daegu Metropolitan Government against Suga and V are making BTS fans and Korean netizens outrage.

BTS has now become the top group in Korea and has an influence over the world.  For that reason, they also become Korea’s tourism and culture ambassadors, and each member is considered proud in the province or city they were born in.  However, this also brought a lot of trouble for the group, most notably the recent case of V and Suga’s hometowns which are said to be using their reputation to make a profit without going through Big Hit Entertainment.

the reputations of Suga and V (BTS) are taken advantage of by their homeland

Specifically today (January 18), the media reported that the city government of Daegu – the hometown of Suga and V – will open a tour based on schools and places where these two members often visited before.

Daegu city is also planning a series of vlogs related to V and Suga and will release them to the public.  Accordingly, these vlogs will be conducted by Korean ARMYs and international ARMYs when they visit V and Suga’s hometowns and record their schedules.

These vlog videos will be posted on the official Youtube channel of Daegu city.  After that, they are also expected to be shared by foreign branches of the Korea Tourism Board to reach international tourists.

the reputations of Suga and V (BTS) are taken advantage of by their homeland

In addition, Daegu also plans to create a tour called ‘Hally Sky Train Tour’ which is a link between the ‘Hallyu 724 Bus Tour’ bus package tour and the subway line 3.  This is expected to confirm earlier this year to soon attract tourists back to the city after a long time the tourism industry faces a lot of difficulties because of the COVID-19.

However, the netizen discovered that this whole tour plan, although related to Suga and V’s names, was not approved by Big Hit Entertainment.  A Daegu municipal government official said: “The tour related content does not need to receive the approval of the management company, because it only introduces the relevant location, not the artist directly. ‘”

the reputations of Suga and V (BTS) are taken advantage of by their homeland

The above-mentioned statement of the Daegu city government made many fans of BTS and Knet angry.  They said this was obviously a tour built on the image and reputation of Suga and V. the actions of the local government were found to be inappropriate, even accused of using the names of the celebrities to benefit the city through tourism.

In fact, this is not the first time that Daegu has proposed projects related to V and Suga.  Previously in 2019, this city also wanted to implement the plan of two separate thematic paths for two male idols to promote tourism. This plan has been rejected by Big Hit because they want to fight against activities that take advantage of the individual members’ reputation to make money.  This could also be the reason why this time Daegu implemented a new plan and found a way to not have to ask permission from Big Hit.

Currently, both Big Hit and the Daegu city government have not responded to the above controversy.

Sources: tinnhac

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