Korean media reported that Rosé will officially make her solo debut in March

It seems that fans will have to wait for Rosé’s solo album until March

On February 10, Sports Chosun (Korea) exclusively reported that Rosé will officially debut solo in March 2021.  Although YG has not officially announced the solo album of the main vocalist BLACKPINK, they have announced that the female idol will soon release a personal product.

Rosé's solo album until March

YG’s previous announcement is as follows: “The music video filming for Rosé’s solo album title track has been completed. It is a music video with a large scale production and one of the largest production costs, so we are doing our best to improve the completeness and quality of the music video. We are planning to officially announce the album release soon.”

Reportedly, Rosé finished filming the MV in January. She released a teaser for the b-side song called GONE and performed the song in the BLACKPINK’s THE SHOW online concert.  Everyone thinks that the time for “Australian rose” to debut solo has come very close, so new news has disappointed many fans.

Rosé has plans for a solo debut since 2018 but was delayed for a long time.  YG is famous for regularly using the “Mars calendar”, so some people are worried because they do not know Rosé solo in … March of which year.  Some people are worried because 2 artists from the same company, iKON and Kang Seung Yoon (WINNER), will both make their comeback in March.

Rosé's solo album until March
Rosé's solo album until March
  • March isn’t so bad of a date for Rose as long as it’s early March. IU’s “Celebrity” is still on top of the charts and YG probably wants Bobby to get his time in the limelight before Rose’s solo. I felt like later this month would’ve been good for Rose but I don’t mind another couple of weeks as long as it’s released in early March. I also hope YG does its best to promote Rose’s solo and I hope Lisa’s is released at least 2 months later so they both get their shine.
  • Sad it isn’t sooner, but I’m really excited about this. It’ll be worth the wait.
  • Ah, I thought it would’ve been earlier than that 
  • Aaaahhhh!!! I can’t breathe! FINALLY! I just can’t wait for March to come any earlier
  • I just want the date

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