Korean media report that BTS’s Chinese fans were abused because of political controversy, and Knet once again express outrage

The developments in BTS’s political controversy are showing signs of becoming more and more complicated.

The controversy surrounding BTS’s political statement has not been settled yet. Part of the reason is that the currently Korean media has updated the case and developments on Chinese online forums. In particular, one of the recently published information is causing a stir among Korean netizens

BTS’s political controversy began on October 11 when Chinese netizens found RM (BTS )’s statement at the James A. Van Fleet Award about a week ago. Accordingly, during the Korean War, China along with the Soviet Union supported North Korea. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers died in that battle. Meanwhile, RM talked about the sacrifices of the Americans and Koreans in the war, so he was considered by Cnet to underestimate the pain of the Chinese in history.

Immediately, Cnet asked to boycott BTS, and many brands removed all photos and products related to the group in China. The incident was more serious when a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry also spoke about the incident. This statement was said to accidentally start another “war” between Cnet and Knet.

A Chinese fan being abused for being a fan of BTS?

Among the articles that Korean media reported about BTS’s ‘6.25’ statement, the news that was being concerned was a BTS fan in China was beaten up and injured. This incident was reported by News1 and was even posted on the Naver news site, attracted thousands of comments.

On October 13, a post was created on Weibo, one of China’s biggest social media platforms similar to Twitter, which included a photo capture of a conversation from ‘WeChat’. The conversation revealed that a citizen who had a BTS cellphone case was assaulted. The citizen with the BTS phone case was severely injured on her face and had her leg broken. The assault was so severe that it required the victim to hospitalized for a month.

In fact, no one can confirm that this chat is true or just fake news. However, while the controversy was still strained, it was still enough to spark backlash from both Cnet and Knet.According to Korean media reported, even though it is wrong to abuse others, Cnet still commented on the post: “She deserved the beating because she still likes BTS”.

After reading that news, many Knet became extremely angry. They asserted that RM (BTS )’s statement was completely normal for the nature of the James A. Van Fleet Award ceremony and he even did not mention China. They believed that the acts of violence and promoting violence by part of the Cnet were not acceptable.

Some comments of Knet on Naver:

  • These people are seriously crazy
  • These things exceed any imagination
  • This is hilarious to me. So do the Chinese just not know the difference between North and South Korea? Do they not know that they were the ones in history that joined the North’s side in our war and turned it into a messs? What do they expect out of that? Just stay quiet.
  • What do they want BTS to do about China’s sacrifice? Don’t they know that BTS is South Korean? Our ancestors died at the hands of their Chinese soldiers, what do they want us to say about that? They’re so barbaric and foolish.
  • Can the Chinese please just leave the ‘Army’ fandom. And I hope BTS doesn’t visit China in the future…
  • International Armies have realized that BTS would never have to serve in the army if not for China interfering in the war because the Koreas would’ve been united then
  • BTS can cut all ties with China. China’s music market isn’t even comparable to the US let alone Korea. The Chinese can boycott all they want, the effect will be lukewarm at best. Samsung shouldn’t pay them any mind either. The Galaxy only holds 1% of the Chinese market so you may as well consider their market negligible.

Sources: tinnhac

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