Korean idols can perform comfortably without worrying about wardrobe malfunction thanks to the delicate underwear selection

Former famous idol has revealed how Kpop stars can comfortably perform.

Have you ever wondered: How can the idols perform enthusiastically and dance without worrying about wardrobe malfunction? Recently, Way – a former member of Crayon Pop – revealed how to choose the underwear of Korean idols. At first, Way shared that she often wore a nude Calvin Klein bra, bra that was well-designed, thick fabric, and waterproof. Most stylists carried a spare bag, including a white, black and beige bras and panties, Way said.Underwear can come from many different brands, but should fit the body, not too loose and not too tight.

When idols wear off-shoulder shirts, they will often wear bra with transparent adjustable straps or tape to fix the shirt. Sometimes, idols can also use petals.

Because idols often have to dance and perform with vigorous movements, the underwearsare often sewn together with skirts. Way further shared that currently, most of the idol’s performance outfits are tailored because each member has different measurements. Stylists can also add an extra pocket inside to place the mic.

Sources: k14

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