Korean female idol caused controversy because of her outfit

Hwasa’s overly sexy performance outfits became a hot topic on Korean social networks.

On January 9, Naver reported that the 35th Golden Disc Awards ceremony took place with the participation of famous Korean stars such as IU, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, NU’EST, MONSTA X, Jessi, Lee.  Seung Gi, Park So Dam, ITZY.

Hwasa became the focus of the event when appearing in a sexy outfit.  The female singer wore extremely short pants combined with a shirt to reveal the entire bareback despite the temperature below 0 degrees Celsius.

After that, Mamamoo’s beauty continued to perform on stage with this outfit.  Because the clothes were too short, the female idol almost revealed sensitive body parts when performing powerful choreography.

Currently, Hwasa’s performance and costumes are a controversial topic on the Korean social network.  Many people criticize female idol’s sexy outfit.  In addition, many viewers also praised the healthy and generous beauty of the 26-year-old idol.

This is not the first time that Hwasa has brought sexy outfits on stage.  She has been controversial many times and also received fierce criticism from the audience for her outfits.

Faced with negative comments from the public, Hwasa bluntly stated in an interview: “I will not go by beauty standards. I will do what I want to do,  as well as wearing what I want to wear “.

Hwasa is a member of the popular girl group Mamamoo.  She attracts a lot of attention because of her strange beauty with a hot hourglass body, healthy shiny brown skin, a unique face, and fashion style that is completely different from the current female idols. 

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