Korean entertainment companies and their silly decisions that infuriated Kpop fans

Entertainment companies are really cautious and careful with their moves and strategies. However, sometimes they made some unacceptable mistakes.

The controversies have always been the hot topics in showbiz, especially when media outlets or newspapers are willing to expose the dark sides or the mistakes of celebrities and entertainment companies. To frankly say, with the working style in Korean showbiz, a star’s career 70% depends on the management of his or her company. No matter how talented the artists are, they’re likely to disappear in the Korean showbiz without the support and assistance from their companies.
Usually, entertainment companies have to meticulously plan their actions during a certain period of time to earn a huge profit and nice reputation. Still, sometimes, they can’t avoid some silly steps that can even confuse fans.

YG Entertainment

During recent days, YG kept letting fans down with its unsuccessful projects. These failures not only drag the company’s financial situation down but also seriously damage YG’s reputation in Korean showbiz.

The cancellation of the debut for the winner group from “MIXNINE” was like the last straw which made the public strongly disapproved YG’s management.

After all the efforts of the contestants, the show only reached a terrible rating: 0%. YG itself also admitted this failure in the announcement for the debut cancellation. According to Korean netizens, the 3-year contract offered by YG was only an excuse this company used to make the cancellation reasonable.

Few years ago, YG also infuriated fans with the decision to let iKON make a debut in Japan while the group was steadily growing in Korea. Each artist should take the full advantages of this precious time to promote in Korea. However, YG made the contrary move. The result was that iKON awfully “flopped” during the first 2 years of the group’s debut. It was not until recent days did iKON start to have positive outcomes in both music and popularity.

SM Entertainment

Everyone knows that SM is a large company with many effective strategies as well as many “bad habits”. SM’s current success has been attributed to the company’s famous artists. It’s undeniable that SM’s PR strategies are so powerful that tons of outstanding idol groups have been created by this company. Still, there were many times when SM “firing up” netizens with its strange actions.

Jessica’s departure from SNSD was a shocking news of Kpop in 2014. Until now, people still have no idea why Jessica could leave the group in such an odd situation. The female idol had devoted many years to SM and SNSD. Jessica herself hadn’t filed any lawsuit against the company or expressed her desire to leave SNSD.

In the confirming announcement, SM said that Jessica had to leave SNSD because of her fashion business. Meanwhile, Jessica revealed that SM had agreed with her business plans. She had tried to arrange her schedules to take part in SNSD’s activities. She even pleaded her members and SM to let her stay as a SNSD member. Jessica herself couldn’t understand why SM requested her to leave SNSD so suddenly.

Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit is a company that makes a lot of efforts to support its idols in all aspects, from their private life to their career. It can be said that Big Hit is one of the best entertainment company at treating its own artists.

However, at the time when BTS was developing, Big Hit provoked a huge controversy when releasing the MV for “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. To be specific, in the description section of the MV, Big Hit wrote “Big Bang” hashtag in both English and Korean, K-pop fans quickly realized these words and they questioned whether Big Hit was trying to use Big Bang’s name to promote for BTS.

Especially, before this incident, BTS was also involved in a controversy related to copying Big Bang.
After this hashtag incident was spread, BTS received tons of criticism on social media. As to Big Hit, the company had to delete the controversial hashtag from the MV description.

JYP Entertainment

JYP has always been strict about its artists’ actions and behaviors, thus, JYP’s idols haven’t been involved in many scandals. Maybe this is also the reason why sometimes, fans feel that JYP doesn’t have enough experience to deal with controversies.

The incident of Bambam (GOT7) and Mina (TWICE) was one of the controversies that made JYP confused in working out a solution. When the intimate photo of this couple was shared on the Internet, K-pop fans passionately joined in the fierce debates about the two’s relationship.

While ONCEs were attempting to prove the photo to be fake, JYP spoke up and claimed that this photo is “real”, but Bambam and Mina were just friends. Netizen guessed that JYP’s words made people more strongly believed in the dating relationship of the two idols. TWICE’s fandom stated that JYP should have ignored whether the photo was real or fake and denied the rumor to protect Mina, as this female idol had just made her debut not too long ago back then. As the consequence, Mina was harshly bashed, threatened to be boycotted, forced to leave TWICE and some people even threatened to kill her.

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