Korean BLACKPINK fans are considered rude as they mocked TWICE to praise their idol?

In the latest article about the new view record of ‘Ddu Du Ddu Du’, while praising BLACKPINK, BLINK also don’t forget to belittle TWICE.

Lately, BLACKPINK’sDdu Du Ddu Du” MV became the fastest MV to hit 300 million views in K-pop history. Many online newspapers updated about the achievement of YG’s girl-group and in the comment sections, a great amount of K-pop fans congratulated BLACKPINK.Ddu Du Ddu Du” MV has become the hot topic among netizens ever since its release thanks to its impressive scenes with the stunning and gorgeous visuals of the 4 members.

Korean BLACKPINK fans are considered rude as they mocked TWICE to praise their idol?

However, there were some rude BLINKs posting negative words under the article of OSEN – Nate. These fans were proud of the popularity of BLACKPINK and in order to praise their idols, they mentioned and mocked BLACKPINK’s rival, TWICE

Korean BLACKPINK fans are considered rude as they mocked TWICE to praise their idol?

Some unpleasant comments of Korean BLINKs:

  1. [+577, -136] Twice’s popularity only reaches up to Japan, Black Pink is liked by the western side too. If you look at iTunes and Spotify, it’s Black Pink >>>>>> Twice.
  2. [+544, -144] Black Pink seems to be the bigger trend than Twice now
  3. [+487, -127] Black Pink is breaking all of Twice’s records, amazing

BLACKPINK is considered the biggest rival of TWICE at present. Both groups are competing in many fields such as: digital sales, album sales, Youtube views and international popularity,… Therefore, the conflict between the two fandom is inevitable. TWICE is now one of the leading girl-groups of the 3rd idol-generation meanwhile BLACK PINK is more and more well-known, especially after their latest comeback.

On the other hand, many K-pop fans stated that there was no pointed in comparing the 2 groups and the rude BLINKs above should be criticized:

– Fans are being pretty rude. Just praise your idols and go. Why drag Twice into this? Don’t comment out of jealousy. We all know you guys have a victim complex because your group was on hiatus while everyone else was busy promoting.

– I think the comments show the difference in class between the fans… Twice articles never mention Black Pink in the comments… while Black Pink fans always try to drag Twice down. SM and YG fans always do that.

– I guess the best replies show that Twice is still the top trending group, still being dragged everywhere by fans with victim complexes.

What do you think about this issue?

Source: Tinnhac

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