Korean article caused controversies when saying Monsta X is walking the silk road BTS opened

A Korean online media outlet is being criticized for claiming that Monsta X gets their success in the U.S thanks to BTS.

Below is the original article:

A Korean online media outlet is being criticized for claiming that Monsta X gets their success in the U.S thanks to BTS.

Monsta X is walking along the Silk Road that BTS opens.

With BTS’ taking over the U.S. market, Monsta X is following their step. K-pop fans in the U.S. and entertainment agencies in the U.S. are also pointing to Monsta X as the “next BTS“.

With the release of the regular album “TAKE.1 [ARE YOU THERE?]”, Monsta X will accelerate their activities in the U.S. starting in November. Monsta X, who has been promoting the U.S. market in earnest since this year, is expected to establish their position in the U.S, based on the “Jingle Ball‘ tour, which started on November 30th. The “Jingle Ball’ tour is a year-end show hosted by the famous U.S. radio station, IHeartradio. It is a year-end concert where the best singers perform their best hit songs of the year. It is the second time that Korean artists will perform on the stage after Psy in 2012. Monsta X is the first K-pop group.

Their agency, StarShip Entertainment, was invited to the “Jingle Ball’ tour as well. “We will perform in six U.S. cities including Los Angeles on November 30th (local time).” Starting with Los Angeles, Monsta X will perform in San Francisco on December 1st, Minneapolis on December 3rd, Boston on December 4th, Philadelphia on December 5th, and New York on December 7th. The show will feature world-renowned pop stars including Shawn Mendes, The Chainsmokers, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Calvin Harris, Khalid and Dua Lipa.

Before “Jingle Ball’, Monsta X is going to increase interest in the United States with a mini-documentary with Gallant. Monsta X released the documentary “When You Call My Name” on October 29th with Gallant, who was nominated for the Grammy Awards R&B category. It is an original series documentary of the 2018 Viki that depicts two artists exploring and understanding each other’s culture and music. Not only fans but U.S. Billboard also focused on the documentary.

Monsta X has continued to grow steadily this year, recording the colors of their music and team through the U.S. tour. They also appeared in FOX5 “Good Day New York,” FOX11 “Good Day LA” and NBC “Access Hollywood” and had interviews with 20 local media including Billboard, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Chicago Tribune. They also appeared in radio shows such as Radio Disney, JoJo On The Radio, Valentine In The Morning, ON With Mario Lopez, and Zach Sang Show without any translator.

Source: DailySports

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