KORAIL employee who accessed RM’s personal information 18 times in 3 years faces dismissal 

An employee of the Korea Railroad Corporation (KORAIL), who accessed the personal information of BTS member RM without permission has been severely disciplined.

According to Edaily on March 29th, Korail decided to dismiss employee A, an IT development worker, who had accessed RM’s boarding pass information, address, and mobile phone number 18 times over 3 years, starting from 2019.


In particular, KORAIL conducted an internal audit after hearing reports from other employees that employee A checked RM’s reservation details, saw the actual ticket, and informed a friend of RM’s boarding pass information to reserve nearby seats”.

In response, employee A said, “As a fan of RM, I accessed the information out of personal curiosity. I regret my actions.”

Upon hearing the news, RM shared the related article on social media with the caption “^^;;“, expressing his discomfort.


It has been reported that employee A also used the system without permission to check the employment status of other company employees.

Previously, the KORAIL audit committee requested to apply “suspension” measures against employee A, but the disciplinary committee decided on “dismissal”.

It is known that the disciplinary actions of KORAIL, from the lightest to the heaviest, includes reprimand, salary reduction, suspension, and dismissal, so employee A has essentially received the heaviest punishment. Employee A can file for reconsideration until March 31st.

Source: wikitree

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