Knowing that CL’s activities in the USA were terminated for two years, fans demanded YG to free her.

Fans of the former 2NE1 leader are buzzing with the leak of this information.

Recently, the CL fanbase has been buzzing with the news that CL is no longer under the management of SB Entertainment, the home of world-famous stars such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Specifically, despite previously Scooter Braun was identified as a representative of Psy and CL in the US to produce a movie, now, this powerful man shared that SB Projects no longer has the authority to manage CL’s activities.

According to Scooter Braun, CL is no longer under the management of SB Project

The information was revealed through a fan message sent to Scooter Braun. When asked about CL, Scooter Braun replied helplessly: “It’s not my fault … I wish I could help her.” The SB Projects boss added: “I started with her and soon found that I would never have the right to decide anything. She and I were very discouraged, nothing was done because she never received a contract for me to decide. I love her so much but only could do so much.” Not only that, but Scooter Braun also stressed that CL signed with them (the contract with YG) so she could not be a part of SB Projects.

Messages shared by fans

At this point, it seems that the fans immediately thought of the “no decision” statements relating to YG’s and president Yang Hyun Suk. Especially after hearing “She cannot be part of the SB because she signed with them”, the fans even got angrier. It seems that YG is the one who accidentally prevents CL from approaching the US market.


Since targeting the US market with the “Lifted” single in 2016, 2NE1’s leader hasn’t had any significant personal musical products. She revealed that she had 200 songs recorded but none of them was used and she also frequently expressed her frustration with YG Entertainment on her personal page. CL caused quite a scene when commenting directly on Instagram’s President Yang Hyun Suk that “President, what about me? Please reply to my message, “, which made fans suspected that YG deliberately ignored her. Most recently, Yang Hyun Suk also did not mention anything about CL’s feature in the song “Dopeness” with the legendary group Black Eyed Peas.

Did CL’s dream of targeting the America music market once again fail due to YG?

However, many people still consider this a misunderstanding because YG and Scooter Braun have not officially announced the incident. But maybe this time, the hope that CL will appear in a work under the direction of SB Projects has been extinguished. Fans are launching a campaign called “FreeCL” on social networking sites in order to ask YG to officially address the issue or let her leave the company as soon as possible.

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