T-ara “Trademark dispute with former CEO Kim Kwang-soo… We meet every year on my birthday”

Girl group T-ara mentioned Kim Kwang-soo, the representative of the former agency, on ‘Knowing Bros’.

Girl group T-ara with all members together appeared after a long time in the JTBC entertainment program ‘Knowing Bros‘, the episode broadcast on the afternoon of the 10th, as transfer students.

On this day’s broadcast, the brothers asked T-ara, “Can you guys use the name T-ara?” T-ara member Eunjung replied, “After a dispute over trademark rights, we won and can use the name T-ara.”

Kim Heechul asked again, “Did you fight with Kwang Soo-hyung?” Eunjung said, “But we got over well. I met my boss every year on his birthday.”

Also, Hyomin explained, “I wanted to keep the name T-ara. I didn’t want other people to use it, so I said let’s try it. Even in the year of the dispute, I attended the boss’s birthday party. At the birthday party, he said, ‘You won?'”

Eunjung said, “If there is an issue or something interesting, I will capture the article and send photos to him. He is like a father in our private house.” When asked if they had disbanded, Jiyeon said, “We’re also talking about our comeback.”

Source: Nate 

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