Knets praised the way ITZY Ryujin helping Lia out on random play dance in Weekly Idol

Looking at this situation, Knet is even angrier with Lia but Ryujin’s behavior is too great.

Recently, when ITZY participated in the program “Weekly Idol”, there was an awkward situation with Lia. While the group was doing the random dance challenge, the song “Hard Carry” by GOT7’s senior was played, and the other members quickly danced to the tune of the song, only Lia did not know the choreography and standing awkwardly.

itzy ryujin lia
ITZY participates in Weekly Idol to promote new product Loco

Looking at Lia is really guilty, while the other members all possess extremely good dancing skills, she once again fell into the tragedy of making a “black hole” of choreography. However, Ryujin was observantly aware of the awkwardness of her teammates, she quickly stopped dancing, ran to the side, pulled Lia’s hand up as a mic, and both of them lip-synced to the song.

itzy ryujin lia
The other members are all dancing enthusiastically
itzy ryujin lia
But Lia can only stand in one place
itzy ryujin lia
In the past, when ITZY covered this song, Lia was also criticized a lot for ruining the group’s performance.
itzy ryujin lia
However, Ryujin is very observant, paying attention to his teammates.  Although she can dance, she gave up the opportunity to perform to “rescue” Lia
itzy ryujin lia
The way Ryujin pulled Lia’s hand pretending to be a mic…
itzy ryujin lia
…and then together with teammates lip-sync to the end of the song not only showing dedication but also cuteness

Knets’ reactions to the situation were split in two. One side sighed, getting more and more bored with Lia, but the other side praised Ryujin’s behavior for being so wonderful.

Some comments of netizens:

  • Me too I really liked Ryujin when I saw this… I kinda felt bad for Lia when she made a small grimace at the random play dance because you could tell that she was scared of getting hate
  • I knew that Ryujin was kind but they should release an official statement for Lia
  • How did Ryujin’s parents raise her this well~ Or maybe she has good genes? Seriously, who are her parents?
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