Knets point out 2 great points of TWICE after looking at their flawlessly beautiful behind-the-scenes photos

Everyone has to give compliments when it comes to the strengths of the TWICE girls.

TWICE is in promotion in Japan after completing the promotion for the mini-album Taste Of Love and the title song “Alcohol-Free” in their home country of Korea.  Even though the promotion process has passed, fans still keep talking about this era because of the outstanding beauty, charisma, or performance style of all 9 girls.

A recent post on a Kpop forum discussed TWICE’s attractiveness behind the scenes when recording for Studio Choom, which serves as evidence of this. Even though the photos were only snapshots, Knet was drawn to the 9 girls’ excellent visuals.

Some comments from Knets:

1. [+115, -95] What’s up with Dahyun? She’s so pretty

2. [+96, -13] This is funny, but I was shocked because they were so prettyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+68, -11] Honestly, you can’t criticize TWICE for these two things, their faces and their dance

4. [+66, -6] F*cking pretty

5. [+53, -5] Sana…

6. [+51, -6] Their faces are seriously legendary

Knets have heaped praise for the girls’ beauty. Although these are simply behind-the-scenes photographs, they demonstrate the JYP Entertainment girl group’s visual prowess. Even though they are already in their sixth year of operation, the JYP girls continue to astound the audience with their growing beauty.

Furthermore, netizens acknowledge that TWICE has two distinct strengths that no one can refute. It has a gorgeous appearance and the capacity to dance. The girls have consistently wowed the fans with an even lineup since their debut until now. Despite a quite large number of members, the group rarely commits choreography mistakes and always performs with a professional attitude on stage.

From their debut days with lovely choreography to changing themselves with a sexy style in MORE & MORE, the challenge level increased in I Can’t Stop Me when the choreography includes many details,… These styles are all visually appealing, and the group’s performance spirit has steadily increased over time.

Source: K14

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