Knets marveled at the transformation of Giselle (aespa) after only 10 months of debut: You just need to debut, SM will take care of the rest!

But how to get into SM is also a problem!

aespa has only debuted for more than 10 months but already has a high level of public recognition with 2 impressive hits: ‘Black Mamba’ and ‘Next Level’. Not only having good songs but aespa’s impressive makeover in terms of appearance through each comeback also received attention from the public.

The first photos of aespa released by SM
The first photos of aespa released by SM

When they first debuted, aespa was criticized for their appearance, claiming to be the group with the most disappointing visual in SM. But after only 10 months, aespa has been praised for their appearance, not only Winter but also the rest of the members are highly appreciated. In particular, Knet also looked at Giselle’s transformation and exclaimed, “If you can get into SM, you just need to debut.”

Looking at the debut lineup, many people think that aespa won't get any better
Looking at the debut lineup, many people think that aespa won’t get any better

SM is a company that takes great care of artists. The company always knows how to orient and build a good image, helping artists have “top of the top” makeovers. Many people also agree, but do not deny the available potential of aespa members:

  • I really want to learn how to build SM’s image. Just look at people who terminated their contracts with SM and moved to another company or returned to China, they’re still the same people but they don’t have SM’s features anymore, so both their faces and styles are boring. What family secret does SM have?
  • But the group’s bare face is already pretty. Many people laugh it off. People are confident that they’re prettier than aespa, seriously… Shut up when reading posts like this…
  • Giselle looks even better with bangs.
  • Honestly, if you can get into SM, you just need to debut. Having an ordinary background like many people, even if it is ungrateful, it can be successfully transformed.
  • I also want SM to take care of me haha. The type that maximizes his facial features.
  • Giselle is pretty or not, you’re really ungrateful.
  • It’s true that black hair and bangs suit you best. When she first debuted, she was not taken care of like now.

Sources: kenh14

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