Knets discussed how SEVENTEEN’s scandals can be ignored thanks to their big fandom and low public popularity

A post on Pann is gathering attention for its analysis on SEVENTEEN’s popularity and fandom.

On the popular Korean online community Pann, a recent post has created a hot topic for debates as it mentions how unique the boygroup SEVENTEEN is as they can survive their scandals thanks to their fandom scale and low popularity to the public. This post has received 1846 agrees and 99 disagrees, along with hundreds of comments from netizens.


The post is as follows:

“SEVENTEEN is such a interesting group. They are not popular to the public so the members’ scandals didn’t become big controversies. Instead, they have a huge and strong fandom, which helps them burry the scandals and earn a lot of money. I don’t think there’s another group this interesting.”

  • [+583, -14] What’s wrong with the disagrees? There’s no reason to disagree with this cause it’s all true. All the other 97-line idols but Mingyu was heavily criticized in the Itaewon incident, and his scandal involving inappropriate women’s photos as artworks was also ignored ㅎㅎ I’m jealous with their cool talent, which is their humor ^^.
  • [+493, -12] I don’t know about other scandals, but I was very surprised for the first time that he didn’t even release a statement about the inappropriate artwork incident, and for the second time when their fans concealed it so it was ignored.
  • [+371, -9] Tell me about it ㅋㅋ Their scandals never become controversies.
  • [+261, -6] Wonwoo being a malicious commenter in the past was a legendary one.
  • [+227, -3] To the public, SEVENTEEN’s image = funny Boo Seung-wan, that’s why they don’t bother to criticize the group.

What do you think about this post and Korean netizens’ opinion? Let us know in the comment.

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