Knet’s controversial opinion: MAMA awards ceremony without YG artists would be nothing!

Knet is happy to hear that YG is making up with Mnet, but their opinion of the MAMA awards ceremony is controversial.

Major entertainment companies will most likely have a bad relationship with a certain station, and one of the most famous ‘cold wars’ is YG Entertainment and Mnet.  However, after many years, YG and Mnet have suddenly shown positive signs of cooperation since the end of 2020.

TREASURE is the artist who has marked the good relationship between YG and Mnet.  This rookie group surprised many netizens when they appeared at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 (MAMA 2020).  After that, TREASURE went to promote at ‘M Countdown’ in January 2021, became the first YG artist to perform at this music show after 4 years.

MAMA awards ceremony without YG artists would be nothing

Besides, other YG artists are also preparing to have activities related to Mnet.  In the near future, Bobby will be promoting on ‘M Countdown’.  Meanwhile, Mnet also confirmed they have reached the final discussion steps for iKON to join ‘Kingdom’.

MAMA awards ceremony without YG artists would be nothing

YG and Mnet’s better relationship makes Knet very happy.  They said that the YG artists are all very talented and that it is extremely unfortunate that YG artists did not attend Mnet’s show and did not attend the MAMA awards ceremony.  However, that led to a controversial point of view from Knet: The MAMA awards ceremony without YG would be nothing.

Years ago, when the two sides cooperated, YG artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, WINNER, and iKON delivered highly rated performances at the MAMA awards ceremony.  Among them, Big Bang has always been considered an important factor of award nights and brought unique and attractive performances to the audience.

That’s why, since YG and Mnet were in conflict, many Knet were depressed when MAMA’s line-up was without YG artists.  Many people think that YG has raised the level of Mnet and MAMA, and the lack of them will make this award ceremony boring.

Some comments of Knet:

– MAMA without YG is nothing.

 – Mnet should be grateful to YG.  It was Big Bang that made the audience appreciate MAMA and made them think it was a great award ceremony.

– Hope BLACKPINK will join MAMA.

 – If you ask others about MAMA’s best performance, 3 of them will say Big Bang, 1 will say 2NE1.

– Actually, it was YG who raised the level of Mnet and MAMA … But CJ started to demand more and more from entertainment companies.  That’s why YG ended the relationship with them.

MAMA awards ceremony without YG artists would be nothing

However, this point of view “MAMA is nothing without YG” makes other Kpop fans unhappy.  They said that YG artists are talented and deliver top performances, but that is not all.  Some Kpop fans were upset when Knet deliberately denied the efforts of many other artists to perform at MAMA and said that Mnet has been successful over the years without YG.

Here are some comments that refute the above opinion of Knet:

– YG doesn’t allow artists to join MAMA because they want to prove they are different and also avoid being compared to better groups. 

 – The above opinion is too rude and despises other artists who come to perform at MAMA.

– I have the feeling that Knet has a nostalgia* symptom rather than because YG is really good.  (* Nostalgia: Nostalgia, involves craving for things of the past and often idealizing them).

– YG-stan is arrogant again.  YG wants to be unique in Mnet but there are more and better groups, so Mnet also wants other groups to win and participate in Mnet’s show.  That is the reason why YG broke the relationship with this station.  YG just wants their artists to be number 1. I really like groups like BLACKPINK and 2NE1, but with awards ceremonies, you need to work hard to deserve an award.  Don’t always think I’m there because I’m the best, and if I’m not there, everyone is nothing.

MAMA awards ceremony without YG artists would be nothing

Sources: tinnhac

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