Knets admire JYP’s ability to choose pretty female idols

JYP should also be mentioned as a company famous for finding visuals in Kpop, but there is still a female idol who receives negative comments.

For Korean netizens, when it comes to entertainment companies that can find many of the most beautiful faces in Kpop, they will immediately think of SM Entertainment.  For this reason, the company’s idols are even called ‘Lee Soo Man’s flower garden‘.  However, recently many netizens think that JYP also has their own “flower garden“.  Many of JYP’s idols have even become legendary Kpop’s visuals.

Recently on the Pann forum, a Knet attracted attention with an article titled: ‘But JYP seems to have a lot of pretty female idols’. In the post, this person shared: ‘We usually don’t think of JYP as the company for visuals. But honestly, Ryujin, Lia, Yuna, aren’t they all pretty…? Yeji and Chaeryoung have charming and beautiful faces as well. I think there are more pretty female idols in JYP than people think’. 

Below the article, many Knets also agree that JYP has been ‘underrated‘ when it comes to entertainment companies that are able to find beautiful idols.  They claim that Park Jinyoung also has his own ‘flower garden’, and all 4 girl groups Wonder Girls, Miss A, TWICE, and ITZY have proved it.

TWICE in 20203

All the members of these girl groups are beautiful and attractive in their own way.  Especially the maknaeline of 4 generations of JYP girl groups are famous for their looks: Sohee (Wonder Girls), Suzy (Miss A), Tzuyu (TWICE) and Yuna (ITZY).  Many netizens commented that they don’t understand why JYP chooses idols so well when everyone is so pretty and makes others admire.

Sohee – Suzy – Tzuyu – Yuna

However, below the post, there are still some negative comments from Knets.  Although they praised most of the female idols of JYP, they made a move to criticize and bash Chaeryeong’s appearance.  Some comments rated ITZY members as having good looks.  However, Chaeryeong is not as pretty as the other members.  For these comments, many other netizens were angry and thought that Chaeryeong is also very pretty, even more and more beautiful.

Netizens comment:

  • [+266, -26] JYP was originally famous for their girl groups
  • [+233, -27] They gathered all the stans through Sohee, Suzy was the legendary visual of all time. All 9 members of TWICE remind you of a flower field. 3 out of 5 ITZY members are incredibly beautiful. I’m a fan of a JYP artist but I think we can be proud of our girl groups..ㅎㅎ
  • [+197, -18] JYP is the best at producing girl groups, especially their debut songs
  • [+132, -3] The maknae line is legendary….. Sohee, Suzy, Tzuyu and Yuna are famous for their visuals among female idols
  • [+120, -185] Their combination is legendary

Source: Pann

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