Knetizens talk about DIOR CEO inviting Jisoo into the company if YG fires her

CEO of the luxury brand Dior promised to take BlackPink Jisoo on his side if YG Ent fires her

Dior CEO: If YG fires her, message me. I’ll take her. (joking)

blackpink jisoo
blackpink jisoo

“Jisoo is sitting next to Pietro Beccari, the Chairman and CEO of Christian Dior and a member of the LVMH Executive Committee. She is indeed a star herself. Jisoo at the Dior Show. #JISOO_DiorParisFW.”

blackpink jisoo
blackpink jisoo

Original post: Pann [+827; -56]

  • Dior is really cool ya know? In an interview, when asked about why would they provide their ambassador with a much higher guarantee compared to other high-end brands, they simply said “We don’t want our Dior family members to have any financial problem.” I’m shaking right here.
  • Dior seems to really adore Jisoo.
  • A message that get the lazy YG back on their feetㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • He was just saying it to be polite thou. Do everything have to be taken literally now?
  • Why am i being proud?ㅋㅋㅋYG, you’d better do you job.
  • Ha…If the sales really went up 400% thanks to Jisoo, then she really deserves that kind of invitation. This is awesome.
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