Knetizens praised Jessi’s respect for the dancers when controversies over fairness in “Street Woman Fighter” are still ongoing

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” has been involved in endless controversies and rumors. That’s why the show is losing its appeal to the audiences.

“Street Woman Fighter” is a reality-survival program to find out Korea’s best street dance crew. The program has been well-received for re-examining the true value of dancers who create K-dance through dance battles. A total of 8 crews, including PROWDMON, YGX, LACHICA, WANT, CocaNButter, HOLYBANG, HOOK and WAY B, join this show and compete in the battles to protect their pride. Singers and dancers may often be seen, but they are different jobs. Dancers have different job directions, dancing’s purposes or ways of composing performances compared to the singers. By focusing on the world of these dancers, “Street Woman Fighter” has succeeded in instilling the viewers’ recognition for dancers and making people believe “Dancers are not bridesmaids, they are people who dance together with singers”

Street Woman Fighter controversies

However, the fact that “Street Woman Fighter” is going far away from its original plan has drawn a wave of criticism.

Last time, when the dancers joined the “Mega Crew Mission”, it was pointed out that some crews tried to invite celebrities, claiming to be the dancers’ best friends, to collaborate. In addition, the public opinion had leaned to the negative side when it came to “Jessi’s New Song Dance Creation Mission” and the “Man Of Women Mission”, in which they performed with male dancers. The audiences criticized “Jessie’s new song Mission” because this was a choreography creation mission for a singer. It made the singer the main character, and the dancers once again had to give the spotlight to the singer rather than expressing the dance crews’ own colors. In this way, the show had made dancers become bridesmaids again. The same situation happened in the “Man Of Woman Mission”. As Park Jae-beom and other stars joined the team, rumors claiming it was a plan to take advantage of the star’s popularity have been spread.

Street Woman Fighter controversies

To settle this controversy, Jessi did make a wise and considerate choice. Jessie had expressed that she wanted to give more opportunities to the dancers since the planning stage of the mission. Her respect for the dancers could be recognized through the broadcast. Although in most of the crews’ performances, the dancers included the role of Jessi as the center and others as backup dancers, in the official music video, Jessi decided to show the crews’ choreography first, then she appeared briefly at the end. During the song selection, Jessie also chose the song with a beat that would make the dancers’ choreographies stand out the most. By boldly reducing her appearance in the performance of her new song, which she had invested all her time and resources to produce, Jessi has shown her consideration and respect towards the dancers.

Street Woman Fighter controversies

However, “Street Woman Fighter” is still suffering from controversies related to their planning intentions and fairness, which seems to become more and more ambiguous these days.

Recently, Rosé (BLACKPINK) showed her support for her same company crew, YGX, through an SNS post. This action has been criticized as an ambiguous incident. The public vote will be closed on October 15th. The problem is only the performances of 3 teams, including CocaNButter, LACHCA and WANT, were already released because Mnet thought these teams would be in an advantageous position. However, netizens believed the latecomers, PROWDMON, YGX, and HOLYBANG, would be even more advantageous even when their stages have not been released yet. Since the preview included short footage showing that these groups might not get high scores and even the scenes of them crying, this would touch the hearts of the viewers and urge them to vote for these teams more. In other words, it would be fair voting only when all teams’ stages have been unveiled at least before the voting deadline.

Street Woman Fighter controversies

“Street Woman Fighter” is still having more to show until the end. Therefore, fans hope that the program could keep their original intentions and plans and credibility to the last episode.

Source: Nate

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