Knetizens on Pann think these girl groups are the next version of the last generation’s ones

Netizens on Pann think these girl groups

(Read the additional words) I think the 4th generation’s girl groups are these.

Additional words:

You must be surprised to see these first words. First, I’m not writing this for nothing. I have never said the girl groups in the body of the text are in the same level. Girl groups of the last generations are legends, and they had reached the peek of the mountain, while girl groups of this generation are still growing and building their careers. I just try taking their concepts, group images or rising trends into consideration and write them down. You may feel dissatisfied with this generation’s girl groups compared to that of the last generation, but aren’t they the ones who are continuing the tradition? That’s what I think.
Furthermore, I am not interested in boy groups, so I talk about only girl groups here, and I call them the 4th generation. There are people who think groups like Red Velvet or BlackPink are the 3rd generation, but the number of people who consider them to be the 4th is also big. Please leave as many comments as possible, thank you.

Only groups active in Korea are taken in consideration here, groups in Japan are excluded.
Also it reflects the fact that the number of people interested in the pop culture is now remarkably lower than that in the past.
SNSD – Twice
F(x) – Red Velvet
2NE1 – BlackPink
KARA – G-Friend
Sistar – Mamamoo
Rainbow – WJSN

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[+326, -30] Excuse me, but Mamamoo is not in Sistar’s level
[+247, -8] I don’t think you know Sistar’s career well, they are the only girl group that had 2 songs to remain in TOP10 for a whole year.
[+165, -10] Twice, BlackPink, G-Friend, Red Velvet, Mamamoo are the 3rd generation.
[+101, -14] G-Friend are KARA. This is crazy, where did you get that from?
[+91, -30] kkkk Twice will never be able to be as popular as Soshi at their peek.
[+70, -8] Red Velvet are F(x)? Such a degradation. They are not even half talented as their seniors in terms of individual abilities.

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