Knetizens discussed TWICE member Jihyo’s forced expression when she met a chubby fan


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Jihyo, “Being an idol is such a hard job”
Her trembling eyes and her suffering expression are everything. Kkk
That guy didn’t seem to have one single thought of losing weight. Usually, she should remember these “special” fans very well, but since 99% of male fans are like this, it seemed like she didn’t remember him.
Sources: Pann
[+378, -5] Why did she stick her fingers together like that?
[+291, -5] It must be really hard to be a female idol kkk
[+280, -15] To be honest, how much would a pretty girl like her hate to hold hands with someone like that?
[+195, -15] I was shocked to see this picture.
[+195, -15] I was shocked to see this picture.
[+159, -1] She looks like she wants to wash her face with soap right away
[+55, -33] In my opinion, Jihyo is the prettiest female idol.

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