Knetizen argues when choosing between Kpop idols with legendary visual + darker skin-tone and just pretty enough + fairer skin-tone

Which option will you choose?

Recently, a topic on Pann is attracting the attention of Knetizens. Specifically, a user posted an article with the title: “legendary visual with darker skin-tone vs. just pretty enough with fairer skin-tone”. Since then, netizens have been divided into two sides. Many individuals believe that they prefer idols with great facial features, even if their skin tone is not too fair. Meanwhile, many internet users believe that idols with white skin may look much more prominent.

kpop idol skin tone
kpop idol skin tone

The two choices the OP gave are as follows:

  1. Your skin tone is the shade no.13 with no blemish. You’re fair from head to toe with a pink glow. Your face is normal or just pretty enough, not special. Your body proportion is skinny and nothing special.
  2. Your skin tone is the shade no.24 with perfect skin texture. Your face is freaking gorgeous with a hot body proportion.

Comments from Knetizens:

  • I think a fair complexion just makes everything 1 level prettier. From normal -> kinda pretty -> pretty -> gorgeous. That’s why, if it’s a fair but normal face vs kinda pretty but tanned skin, it’s the fair one for me. But if it a kinda pretty but fair vs gorgeous tanned skin then I would choose the latter.
  • Isn’t fair skin a big merit and extremely eye-catching thou? If your visual is already above average, then having a fair complexion is a plus. People that are always mentioned as gorgeous tanned-skin people, celebrities included, are Tzuyu, Jennie, Seolhyun, Lee Hyori. All of them have both a perfect face and a perfect body proportion. It’s embarrassing even, to bring their name into this comparison. If it’s them, skin tone is no longer important anymore (cry). Seolhyun might be even more legendary if she has fair skin tone, I think. I think people either like or hate her because she is tanned. If someone has a darker tone but wants to look beautiful, they need to have a sexy sun-tanned glow and deep facial features. If their features are soft, the fairer tone fits better. No matter how gorgeous they are, if they are tanned, it’s a miss for me.
kpop idol skin tone
  • If you look at it like this, of course, the darker shade and hot body are better. But still, I’m jealous of people with fair skin.
  • The fair ones are more eye-catching, but if we are talking about pretty, it doesn’t matter what tone they are, if their face is pretty then they are pretty.
  • I would choose to be the darker shade – hot body type if I can be like Lee Hyori.
  • But isn’t height more important than skin tone? Both are pretty, but your eyes will go to the taller one, won’t you?
  • I think it depends on your facial features. If your skin tone fits your features then it’s the best. I have a classmate with darker skin tone but she is dang pretty.

Source: Pann

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