Knet pointed out the way YG always tries to make Jennie stand out in Black Pink

Many joked that YG Entertainment’s “bias” in Black Pink was none other than Jennie.

The way Jennie’s company and their stylist team always put more focus on her since debut has been too familiar to fans. However, up to now, Korean netizens have not been able to accept the fact that only one member of a girl group is fond of. Many point out that YG is always trying to bring unique outfits to Jennie, it is too unfair and cruel to the other three members.

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Most recently, within two weeks, Jennie was given a pair of off-shoulder blouses, black pants while Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé wore skirts (14/10). At “Video Music Awards Japan 2018”, Jennie was wearing shorts with a high boots while the other three were wearing skirts / bottoms and low-cut shoes.

In the past, Jennie is also pretty much “the unique one” in Black Pink. For example, she was the only one who wore fur coats … or several times she wears bright colors opposite to the other members
Jennie was given a long skirt, while the other three wore short skirts …

Netizens commented, “It’s not always like that, but it can be said that the stylist cares more about Jennie than the rest of the three.”; “I hate it when companies just support one member.”; “Oh, the other members look like back dancers, it’s same thing with 4minute and HyunA.”; “I also realized that Lisa was always given dresses that were weird.”

However, some comments suggest that this is not because YG wants to promote Jennie. The difference that may be due to the fashion Jennie pursues: “Isn’t it Jennie who can shine anyway?“, “Jennie is a fashionista so nothing is strange here”; “Stop putting Jennie apart with Black Pink and YG.

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